Digging in the Crates Part 1 (Links to Classic Mixtapes!)

Shoutout to Bastardchild for providing that heat!


1. DJ Roughandz, Take Money Lump & Tony Yayo – Intro
2. Huey P – R.I.P. Huey P (Freestyle)
3. Tony Yayo, Sha-Manteca, Mutt-Lo, Lloyd Banks, Dre & Domination – Keep It Thoro (Freestyle)
4. Tony Yayo – Rugged Neva Smoove (Freestyle)
5. Lloyd Banks – Losin’ Weight (Freestyle)
6. Lloyd Banks, Sha-Manteca, Mutt-Lo & T.L. – Bang Bang (Freestyle)
7. Lloyd Banks – Freestyle
8. 50 Cent – Who Shot Ya? (Freestyle)
9. Mutt-Lo, Tony Yayo, Sha-Manteca & Lloyd Banks – Fuck You/We Live This/Homocide (Freestyle)
10. Lloyd Banks – Still D.R.E. (Freestyle)
11. Lloyd Banks – Still D.R.E. (Freestyle 2)
12. Tony Yayo – Wake Up (Freestyle)
13. Na’ The Natural feat. Tony Yayo – Freestyle
14. Tony Yayo feat. 50 Cent – Drop/I Shot Ya (Freestyle)
15. Sha-Manteca, Lloyd Banks, Mutt-Lo & Tony Yayo – Change The Game (Freestyle)
16. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks – Put Your Hands Up (Freestyle)
17. Ava Denera, Lloyd Banks & Sha-Manteca – It’s Over (Freestyle)
18. Sha-Manteca, Lloyd Banks, Mutt-Lo & Tony Yayo – Where My Niggas (Freestyle)
19. Tony Yayo – Lyrical Exercise (Freestyle)
20. Bang ‘Em Smurf feat. Lloyd Banks – 2nd Round K.O. (Freestyle)
21. Lloyd Banks – What’s My Name (Freestyle)
22. Tony Yayo – The Reunion (Freestyle)
23. Lloyd Banks – 3 Rounds (Freestyle)
24. Tony Yayo – Pov City Anthem (Freestyle)
25. Mutt-Lo feat. Tony Yayo, Sha-Manteca & Lloyd Banks – Symphony
26. Mutt-Lo feat. Lloyd Banks – Get At Me

NOTE: This mixtape right here contains rare material by G-Unit members from 1997-2001. Lloyd Banks was like 16/17 years old when he was freestyling on this mixtape. Before DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Roughandz was 50 Cent’s and G-Unit’s official DJ and he has unreleased and exclusive G-Unit material that nobody else has… Back in 2000/2001 DJ Roughandz formed a group named The 134 Allstars which contained Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Sha-Manteca and Mutt-Lo and a lot of affiliates like Huey P, T.L. (Top A Da Lyne) and more. Listen and enjoy, this shit is classic!



The Unreleased Bad Boy Hits Volumes 1-4



1.nas[listen] download
2.life’s like a dice game[listen] download
3.it ain’t hard to tell[listen] download
4.represent[listen] download
5.fast life remix ft. kool g rap[listen] download
6.shootouts[listen] download
7.i gave you power[listen] download
8.new york state of mind[listen] download
9.eye for an eye ft. mobb deep & raekwon[listen] download
10.true dialect[listen] download
11.rhymes, cash, weed, cars[listen] download
12.one love remix ft. sadat x[listen] download
13.verbal intercourse ft. ghostface & raekwon[listen] download
14.the message[listen] download
15.understanding ft. az & biz markie[listen] download
16.live at the barbeque ft. large professor & akinyele copy[listen] download
17.back to the grill ft. mc search[listen] download
18.nas will prevail[listen] download
19.just another day in the projects[listen] download
20.i’m a villain[listen] download
21.#1 with a bullet ft. kool g rap & johnny blanco[listen] download
22.represent ’93[listen] download
23.deja vu[listen] download
24.one on one[listen] download
25.keep it raw[listen] download


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