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I’m normally don’t read books gossiping about other people or exposing dirt unless it contains substance but there was something that drew me to Mark Curry’s Dance with the Devil. Even though anybody that really follows hip hop know that Sean “P-Diddy” Combs had both a negative and positive impact into hip hop genre. He was recognized as a “marketing genius” “an Philanthropist”, a career and driven hit-maker and someone who’s a good hearted man that does by his people. Dance with the Devil exposes not only the dirt that Puff has been covering up throughout his career to make himself look good but also shows the true shadiness behind the Record Industry and how cold and heartless the business can really be if you’re business isn’t handled correctly.

Curry does a great job of introducing himself to the world by covering his background and his child hood. He really had a real rough childhood growing up. From talking about his Mother and Father’s bitter divorce due to his Fathers Infidelity, Moving to the south and discovering that he had musical talent and discovered a new drive to make it inspite of having very little educational background and coming from being poor. Curry also talks about how he met Puffy, Tupac, Biggie and many others working the nightclubs in Atlanta before being recruited as one of the original Bad Boys in the mid 90s and someone who was a huge contributor in Puff developing himself as an “rapper” Everything from writing raps, dance choreography, flow motions, breath control and picking the right beat. Curry played a major role in why Puffy is successful today.

Throughout the book Curry covers the good, bad, the ugly, His highs, his lows, and reveals stunning information about what really went on at Bad Boy. He broke down the connections between Henchman, and King Tut(People whom are linked to shooting and robbing Tupac) to Bad Boy, He also covers how tense it was during the period of Bad Boy where Puff caught that Murder Charge as well as how he treated Andre Harell as his personal servant.

Curry also revealed very damaging truths and told stories about Puffy’s erratic, cold hearted and manipulative character throughout the book. Its the complete opposite of the humble Christian good two shoes persona that Puff loves to portray for the public. Curry portrayed Puffy as someone that many whom had dealt with him during their tenure on the Label: The true Devil in Disguise. Someone whom is a very sneaky with the contractual paper work to enslave young and starving artists to working for him thinking that he was gonna make their dreams come true only to reveal as a charming devil whom can sell you a pipe dream and build you up as you’re gonna be the best thing since life’s bread.

The sad part is Puffy’s track record spoke for itself and it seems to have contemplating what Curry states on his book. only to suck you to dry to collect royalties and benefit off your hard earned work.

While many within the Diddy camp are quick to deny these accusations, Curry not only posted up his publishing and writing credits on Bad Boy material to counterclaim his statements but he also posted up original articles of newspapers and music reviewers phrasing his features on songs. You can see the writing credits on songs such as Bad Boys 4 Life, Black Rob’s album, Puffy’s Forever album, The Saga Continues album along with writing credits for Puffy’s hit for the Godzilla album. So it would be very hard for Puff’s camp to literally brush these accusations under the rug.

We already heard the horror stories about the LOX, Mase, Black Rob, and Shyne’s mishaps with Bad Boy but Curry drops a bombshell that many may know but very few will acknowledge based off the fact that it would tear Bad Boy’s image. The accusations that Puff was robbing his biggest selling artist and supposed Best Friend The Notorious B.I.G. Curry breaks down the truth behind Biggie’s deal with Puffy and revealed how he was unhappy from the beginning at Bad Boy but rode with it because he felt obligated to Puff because he brought him from the streets.

You also get to read the truth behind why Puff attacked Steve Stoute, What really happened with his best friend Wolf and BMF leader Big Meech What made the late Shakim Stewart hit his breaking point within the industry along with the history of people that have had qualms with Puffy over unpaid compensations along with Puff’s false promises to Curry to release his album before the death of his Father only for Puff to basically brush him under the rug. Ironically enough he had enough money to party in Morocco but not a budget for Mark’s album which lead to his total downfall and fallout with his employer.

Dance With The Devil is a very insightful, educational, and at times disheartening read because you see the limits people will go through for power, control, and greed. While some of the book had me scratching my head due to the timelines of the events(Like where he said JayZ and Sauce Money coming up in the Mid 70s instead of the 90s, Claiming Nas was a “new artist” when dropping Hate Me Now) Those doesn’t change the fact that theres alot of factuals and events that will be hard for Puff to deny and may make people see him in a different light.

This book is DEFINITELY worth buying.

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  1. oziejackson says:

    Great review Vic. I’m going to have to check this book out.

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