E-40 and Too $hort History: Mob Music


This was one of the collaboration albums that I’ve been waiting for almost 2 decades to happen. Anybody that was a fan of the West Coast hip hop scene in the 90s would tell you that any track that Short Dog and 40 Water would do turned out to be a instant classic. Too Short’s mouthpiece was at its sharpest and E-40’s Ubiquitous but at the same time exquisite rap style over some of the nicest Mob style(What they called the Gangsta Bay area sound) was always a guaranteed perfect recipe. Unfortunately we wouldn’t get a album from the two and while 40 still remained consistent dropping Independent albums and stacking up, Too Short’s wordplay and mouthpiece seemed to have digressed going into the 2000s. Every album he dropped seemed like a collaboration album or just a album with Short following trends instead of setting them.

Surprisingly They finally found time to link and put out a DOUBLE album of new music. Their both two different albums. History:Mob Music is music geared to their hardcore followers. Geared to the pimps, players, hustlers who been following them since the beginning and Function Music is geared towards the younger generation which is full of party and club anthems.

History Mob Music no doubt about it is the better disc of the 2 and let me be the first to say that the Production on this album is SLAPPING. This album would certainly bang out if you have a sick stereo system but in this case the production doesn’t outshine the rappers because 40 water proves to still be a premier spitter throughout this album. He completely BODIED this album. For proof check out songs such as Whip Out, Money Motivated, and Ride With Me.

Too Short on the other hand comes across ok. He seems to let the production outshine him and there be instances where it seems that he struggles to keep upbeat with the bouncy production. His simple basic flow is seemingly out of place on certain tracks but he comes correct and does a good job at playing Robin to E-40’s Batman throughout album. Short seems more suited in rapping over laid back smooth and slicker cuts than the bouncy hyphy style. But the content is there no question, Especially on songs where he lays his certified Pimp Hand such as Check that Bitch is where he sounds suited.

B Legit reunites with 40 Water on Ballin is Fun and Ask about Me which shows that whenever these two link up you should always been expecting some serious game being laid. Kurupt the Kingpin returns on Do You remember which pays homage to the 90s G Funk flavor supplied by the legendary Battlecat

I’m gonna drop a review of Function Music(Their 2nd disc) later this week but History lets the youngsters know where alot of that playa/boss/Hustle game come from and they do a great job of re-capturing that West Coast sound without sounding too dated. Short brings down the album at times due to his incapability to adjust to different flows but nevertheless a great album! Definitely worth copping.

Vic Rating 8.7 outta 10

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