Sean Price Mic Tyson Review

Sean Price

The market for hardcore East Coast Boom bap Hip Hop seems to be much smaller within every year. More so these days it seems that many artists from the East Coast are trying to ride on the South’s coattails because thats the sound thats really hot right now. But one of the few artists that doesn’t seemed to be dazzled by the fast cars, gorgeous women, big homes, platinum Jewelry is Sean Price. After Reinventing his sound on Monkey Barz, P has takened the Underground world by storm lacing verses left and right along with dropping head knocking material such as Jesus Price Superstar, Kimbo Price, Random Axe and Heltah Skeltah’s D.I.R.T. with Partner in Crime Ruck.

P’s Mic Tyson album has been heavy on delay for years possibly due to label issues but it never fazed him a bit. Price has seemingly became this generations version of Redman as he mixes braggadocio about his emceeing with wit where he’s at times poking fun at himself for being broke or not going platinum. After finally a 2 year wait, Sean’s Mic Tyson album finally saw a release date and came out on Halloween of this year and it was a treat for many of his fans along with people who been impatiently awaiting some hardcore hip hop.

Mic Tyson is what you expect best from Sean P, Rhymes about punching out fake rappers, Being the best out in the game and verbally assaulting any beat thrown at him as if he had the spirit of a Young Mike Tyson entering the ring. Sean P unleashes the verbal onslaught on tracks such as Pyrex, Hush, and the Alchemist Produced gems Genesis of the Omega and STFU part 2. STFU should also be acknowledged for one of the best videos this year. 9th Wonder also gives P a assist on Straight Music which continues to showcase P and 9th’s great chemistry.

Theres no Flash or top billboard hits on this album and Sean makes no bones about it. The guest appearances also hold their own and don’t bring down the album. Ill Bill is probably one of the nicest rappers(color aside) within the underground and wrecks shop on Solomon Grundy. Rustee Juxx also proves why he should be the next to be released on Duckdown on Price and Shining Armor.

The only real disappointment about Mic Tyson is the fact that the album is WAY too short clocking at barely 40 minutes. But then again P probably wanted to cut the album short, sweet and less filler which takes it back to the essence of when hip hop albums were either EPs or were short but classic. This album is certainly worth picking up if you’re a fan of that early boom bap NYC sound

Vic Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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