Big Pun(B-Sides, Remixes, Unreleased Cuts etc)

Big Pun

Shout to my mans in The Coli!

1. 2 Way Street (Feat. Miss Jones)
2. 2 Way Street (Remix) (Feat. Miss Jones)
3. As You Already Know (Feat. Kool G Rap, KRSOne & Truck Turner)
4. Banned From The Net (Feat. Styles P & Joell Ortiz)
5. Banned From TV (Feat. Noreaga, Cam’ron, The Lox & Nature)
6. Best Behavior (Feat. Showbiz & Fat Joe)
7. Bet Ya Man Can’t (Triz) (Feat. by Fat Joe, Cuban Link & Triple Seis)
8. Block Party (Feat. Noreaga & Kid Capri)
9. Bring ‘Em Back (Feat. Big L & Terror Squad)
10. Cheat on Her (Feat. Cuban Link & Carl Thomas)
11. Clap Your Hands (Feat. Noreaga & Royal Flush)
12. Cross Bronx Expressway (Feat. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz & Fat Joe)
13. Dramacyde (Feat. XEcutioners & Kool G Rap)
14. Drop It Heavy (Feat. Showbiz & A.G. & KRSOne)
15. Enemy of State (Feat. Canibus & Mobb Deep)
16. Enemy of The State (Feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Canibus)
17. Family Tree (Feat. Peedo)
18. Fantastic Four (Feat. Cam’ron, Canibus & Noreaga)
19. Feelin’ So Good (Remix) (Feat. Jennifer Lopez & Fat Joe)
20. Feelin’ This (Feat. Prospect & Armageddon)
21. Fire Water (Feat. Fat Joe, Raekwon & Armageddon)
22. Freestyle (At The Speed Of Life)
23. Freestyle (Feat. Cormega)
24. Freestyle (Ice Cream) (Feat. Fat Joe)
25. Freestyle (P.E. 2000) (Feat. Cuban Link)
26. Freestyle (Where My Dogs At?) (Feat. Remy Martin)
27. Friendz (Feat. Noreaga & Mariah Carey)
28. From The N.Y. To N.O (Feat. Mr Serve On)
29. Get Your Grind On (Feat. The Notorious B.I.G., Fat Joe & Freeway)
30. Heavyweights (Feat. Fat Joe & Eightball)
31. Horse and Carriage (Remix) (Feat. Cam’ron, Charli Baltimore,Wyclef & Silkk The Shocker)
32. I Still Love You (Remix) (Feat. Next)
33. I’ll Be Around (Feat. Rah Sun & Tony Sunshine)
34. In for Life (Feat. Triple Seis, Prospect, Cuban Link & Fat Joe)
35. Is It You (Déjà Vu) (Feat. Made Men, Cardan & Mase)
36. John Blaze (Feat. Fat Joe Jadakiss, Nas & Raekwon)
37. Kings (Feat. Chino XL)
38. Let The Games Begin (Feat. Fat Joe & Mack 10)
39. Live At Jimmy’s (Feat. Angie Martinez, Cuban Link, Domingo & Sunkiss)
40. Loco Bananas (Feat. Tony Sunshine)
41. Make the Crowd Roar (Feat. Fat Joe)
42. Makes Me Sweat (Feat. Beenie Man)
43. Mamma
44. Must Be The Music (Feat. Cuban Link)
45. My World (Feat. Fat Joe)
46. No Mercy (Feat. FleshNBone)
47. Off The Books (Feat. The Beatnuts & Cuban Link)
48. Oh No (Remix) (Feat. Noreaga, Capone, Jadakiss, MazeNMusaliny & Angie Martinez)
49. On Point (Feat. Heavy D & Eight Ball)
50. Pass the Glock (Feat. Fat Joe, Prospect, Triple Seis, Cuban Link & Armageddon)
51. Pina Colada (Feat. Sheek)
52. Quiet on Tha Set (Feat. Fat Joe & Cuban Link)
53. Resurrection
54. Rhyme For Rhyme (Feat. Cormega)
55. Round and Round (Remix) (Feat. Mary J Blige)
56. Rudeboy Salute (Feat. Fat Joe & Buju Banton)
57. Scarface (Feat. Canibus)
58. Sex, Money & Drugs (Feat. Next)
59. Shut ‘Em Down (Remix) (Orig. Version) (Feat. Onyx & Noreaga)
60. Slippery When Wet (Feat. Luke, Armageddon & Cuban Link)
61. Someone to Hold (Feat. Veronica & Cuban Link)
62. South Bronx to South Beach (Feat. Fat Joe & Cuban Link)
63. Still Not A Player (Demo Version) (Feat. Cuban Link)
64. Still Not a Player (Unedited Version) (Feat. Joe)
65. Symphony 2000 (Feat. KRSOne, Truck Turner & Kool G Rap)
66. Terror Squadians (Feat. Terror Squad)
67. The Bigger They R (Shaq, Crack & Pun) (Feat. Fat Joe & Shaq)
68. The Dream Shatterer (Original)
69. The Foundation (Feat. Tony Touch, Sunkiss & ReifHustle)
70. The Hidden Hand (Feat. Terror Squad)
71. The Mission (Feat. Digital Underground)
72. Thug Brothers (Feat. Noreaga)
73. Thug Love (Feat. Remy Martin)
74. Time To Go (Feat. Meeno)
75. Toe to Toe (Feat. Cuban Link)
76. Top Of The World (Remix) (Feat. Fat Joe & Brandy)
77. Triple Threat (Feat. Armageaddon & Cuban Link)
78. Triplets (Feat. Fat Joe & Prospect)
79. Twinz (Deep Cover 98) (Feat. Fat Joe)
80. Verbal Murder 2 (Feat. Pete Rock, Common & Noreaga)
81. Watch Out (Feat. Fat Joe & Armageddon)
82. We Could Do It (Feat. Naughty By Nature)
83. Western Ways (DJ Premier Remix) (Feat. Delinquent Habits & Juju)
84. When I Die (Feat. Fat Joe & Layzie Bone)
85. Where Ya At?
86. Where You At? (Feat. Big L)
87. Who Is A Thug?
88. Who You Are (Feat. Yankee B & Reign)
89. Wifey (Remix) (Feat. Next)
90. Wishful Thinking (Feat. Fat Joe, BReal & Kool G Rap) Part 1 Part II Part III

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6 Responses to Big Pun(B-Sides, Remixes, Unreleased Cuts etc)

  1. omalone1 says:

    G Wiz. glad to find this. I am so stuck on Pun

  2. e says:

    could you reup it?

  3. JD says:

    Hey Vic Da Rula,

    Any chance on getting this album re-upped?

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