50 Cent Interview from F.E.D.s Magazine(2005)

50 cent

This is HILARIOUS. 50 was just spazzing on dudes. This was during around the time Piggybank had been released. Short but interesting:

Tell me about your song Piggy Bank

I was responding to a few rappers actions. These niggaz ain’t stupid. If they is who they say on records poppin’ shit then they got to understand what they’re doing. Joe and Jadakiss got the record played for Ja Rule. These niggaz say “Fuck 50 Cent” off the record but never to my face. I keep it real. I say “Fuck you” to your face.

On Jadakiss

“He’s a great rapper, but he still can’t put together great songs. Rap’s a a business and he doesn’t sell records. Everyone in my crew sells more than him. At the end of the day, stret cred doesn’t pay the bills”

On Murda Inc

“They’re in that situation because Irv allowed his blessing too turn into something negative. He has never been a street niigga; he has none of that in him. He became a street niigga through his music after being afraid of the streets his entire life. In the beginning of his career, his name was Irv. “The “Gotti” came once the music started working. He put niggaz around him to make the Murder Inc. Shit look real. They were unfortunate not to have enough sense to move away from a nigga when those people came. All that “I love you Supreme” on the radio and in magazines was stupid. I was like, is this nigga Irv crazy? The Feds don’t play like that, they don’t leave without taking somebody”

About the hood not liking him

When themn old heads like Supreme and them, came home I was like in a place already. I had the 400 SE Benz and I was 19 years old. I ‘m talking way before the record deals. I really couldn’t comprehend the respect level these niiggas had. Whatever they said about the old heads putting in work was Black History to me. I had conversation and relationships with the old heads, all of them know me

About Smurf

I just heard some shit happened to him in prison. He’s lightweight. He was my little nigga, under me. I’d send him to do stuff. I’d let him communicate for, and that made him feel important. Now’s he’s talking crazy. I ain’t got time to smoke weed with niggas. They think they’re friends with the Niggas that stop by with a sack of weed and roll up with them. I’m busy. I’ve already been disrespected to a point where I’ll never feed Smurf again. If a nigga want a problem, I’ll go there. Do I want trouble? No. Do I accept trouble? Yes, all the time.

About Vic Da Rula

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