The Geto Boys: Forever GETO

If you thought that NWA’s style of hard hitting in your face street rap was extreme and offensive, Then you haven’t heard anything yet until you listen to a early Geto Boys album. When you have the scrambled mind of Scarface, The sick twisted Bushwick Bill and the angriest rapper Ive ever heard on record(Willie D) come together. You better brace yourself for a roller-coaster ride because these boys are gonna guarantee to take you on one!

Grip it on Another Level/Geto Boys debut

What people don’t know is that the Geto Boys wasn’t originally Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill. The name of the members originally were Raheem, Sir the Juke Box, DJ Dirty Redd, Prince Johnny C, and Little Billy(Who would become Bushiwck Bill) They released their debut album Making Trouble which barely went on the radar and led to the group to disband shortly.

Prince J however knew that he had a great idea but he had to get some better rappers and personalities into the mix to make them standout. This is where Brad “Scarface” Jordan, and Willie D would become the new members of the group along with Bushwick and the trio would change the landscape of Southern hip hop forever.

Grip it on Another Level is possibly one of the most graphic and hardest album’s ever released in rap. NWA shocked masses with hard hitting songs such as Fuck Tha Police, Straight Outta Compton and Gangsta Gangsta, The Geto Boys took it to another level with songs such as Mind of a Lunatic, Assassins, Do it Like A GO and Trigga Happy nigga which spoke of violence, murder, rape, Sex, and misogyny. This was the album that opened up the doors and introduced Horror-core into hip hop.


We Can’t Be Stopped
Following the success and controversy of their first album. The Geto Boys proved that their not NWA/West Coast Clones. They shown and proved that they are also individually talented in their own ways with them showing difference within personalities. Even though Scarface was considered as to be the best member of the group, You couldn’t even sleep on Willie D as he brought that aggressiveness into the group. He sounds like one of of those dudes who’s ready to kick the living dog shit out of you and he also proved to be able to carry a solo career with his Controversy album.

The album cover is still to this day one of the most graphic to have ever been released. It was takened at the hospital after Bushwick Bill got shot in the eyeball by his girlfriend at the time. This would remain as their most popular album being that it featured their biggest hit Mind Playing Tricks on Me.

Whenever it was Scarface giving you stories about the coke game, Willie D telling women that he’s not a Gentleman or Bushwick Bill telling George Bush to fuck off with his Anti War Song titled Fuck a War condemning the Gulf War. It had material covering all bases of the game. Certainly a “gangsta rap” classic.


Till Death Do Us Part
This album is where you can probably sense some tension among the group. Willie D and Face had differences which lead to almost a street beef(As mentioned on Geto Boys and Girls) and was replaced with Big Mike. Big Mike was a great rapper and played his part well but Scarface himself has said that he didn’t really wanna be apart of the group anymore and wanted to focus more on his solo career.


The Resurection
Reunion albums usually don’t turn out too well. In many cases they are only done for money and to satisfy fans when their solo careers don’t go as far as they think(EPMD) What made the Geto Boys Resurrection album so special is that NONE of the chemistry was lost. Willie D returns to the group after a 4 year absence and released one of the best albums of 1996. The group focused on different topics dealing with social issues, racism, hood politics and less off horrorcore. The World is A Ghetto showed that the 3 have matured alot more as they tackle the issue of worldwide poverty.

But that doesn’t mean that the Geto Boys softened up their music. Theres hardcore songs like Point of No Return, I Dont Wanna Die, Geto Boys and Girls which breaks down the conflict at the time and the surprisingly hit STILL Geto which crossed over into Hollywood as it was used for theme music for the movie Office Space

GGood bad

The Good, Bad, and Ugly
This album came around the time Master P was blowing up and they reincorporated that sound at the time for this album. Bushwick Bill wasn’t apart of this album. The reception to this album was lukewarm to say the least. The album had some heat but Willie D changed up his flow and the rest of the Rap A Lot roster had to appear to fulfill Bushwick’s role. This seems to be a Rap A Lot compilation with them using the Geto Boy’s name to cash in.


The Foundation
This was the first time the group came together as a trio since 1996 and while the songs weren’t as hard hitting as Assassins or as dark as Mind of a Lunatic or Mind Playing Tricks, This was a straight up grown album that shows the trio come across as seasoned veterans giving their hindsight on the forever changing rap climate, the street game and world issues. Scarface also showed why he’s a top 5 contender for G.O.A.T. on here.

The Geto boys may not get the recondition of the mainstream due to the fact that their music were more anti establishment and introduced horror-core. The group themselves have cemented a legacy as one of the best groups to come out of the south and were even paid homage at the VH1 Rap Honors. They may have never won any grammys but in the words of Willie D “Who gives a FUCK about a cotdamn Grammy?!”

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