Paying homage to the late Ol Dirty Bastard


Its hard to believe that its been close to 7 years since the charismatic founder of the influential groundbreaking group The Wu Tang Clan has passed on. There have been tributes given by the Wu Tang family and from many who have known him the closest. But his death wasn’t given the shed of light that it truly deserved because Russell Jones wasn’t always Ol Dirty Bastard. He wasn’t always a unpredictable nutcase that the media perceived him to be. ODB was also a very intelligent and insightful man as well.

You may not see signs of his brilliance on record but you can tell by listening to him in interviews that he’s always had something to say.

Musically ODB was on a whole another level. Theres many that dismiss his contributions to the Wu as nothing but a garbled mess considering his Wu partners such as Ghostface, Raekwon, and GZA being more lyrically advanced. ODB’s charismatic, wit, and at times very ubiquitous style is not only head knocking due to RZa’s production, But he also knew how to entertain and thats why his debut album Return to the 36 Chambers was a success. Everything from the Food stamp cover, The very unique videos along with Dirty’s unpredictability on record is what made his name in a group full of spitters.

ODB was also one of the few East Coast dudes that wasn’t afraid of going out of his element and collaborating with West Coast and Southern rappers. Peep the songs he did with MC-Eiht, E-40 and Mystikal respectively. He even gave Mariah Carey hip hop credibility with the Fantasy Remix which was one of the biggest songs of 1996

Fantasy Remix

Who Rock This featuring Mystikal

ODB Grammys

ODB bum-rushing the Grammys would possibly go down as possibly one of the most memorable moments within hip hop music. Obviously feeling slighted that Wu Tang didn’t win a Grammy for Wu forever. Ol Dirty literally walked up the stage DURING a acceptance speech and let it be known that he wasn’t feeling that Wu Tang lost to Puffy(Who was king that year) and professed that “Wu Tang was for the Children”

Ol Dirty interrupting the Grammys

Due to constant brush ins with the law, Drug and Alcohol issues, jail time, along with his sideshow antics. It seemed that throughout his entire career Dirty gained more notoriety for his off record personality instead of his music. But even with that, He was quite the entertainer.

ODB picking up Food Stamps from his Limo

ODB admitting to Cocaine in his shoe

odb 2

The final year of Dirty’s life would forever go down as confusion. Everything from him being bailed out of prison and being signed by Rocafella(without his knowledge) to his fallout with RZA due to monies being owed to his eerie message about the government trying to kill him. Theres alot of unanswered questions in regards the final years of Dirty’s life but theres one thing for certain is the rap game hasn’t been the same without him. It sorely misses his personality and the WU while still making great music just feels a piece is always missing and that piece is Dirty. R.I.P. to a pioneer.

Brooklyn Zoo


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