Bumpy Knuckles AKA Freddy Foxxx-Industry Shakedown Review


If You wanna talk about an emcee who paid hard dues for the past 20 years, Freddie the Foxxx has to be one of the candidates and also should be respected for not selling out.

I’m not gonna front and act like I know all about Freddie’s past work because I’ve never heard of him until I heard his cameos on Gangstarr’s Miltia and on M.O.P.s First Family Album. But after hearing this album, I feel that he deserves to be respected as one of the rawest emcees in the game today. Many critics want to bring up his age but forget his age. In a rap climate where many rappers wanna pretend their younger to grab that youth, Foxxx makes no bones about his OG status and he’s proud of it.

On this album here titled Industry Shakedown. The O.G declared war on all the fake thugs, murderers and scared executives in the Industry, This album is what you expect from Foxxx. Straight smash mouth, no holds barred lyricism backed with sick production.

Everybody from Primo, alchemist, Pete Rock and Diamond D help out on the production tip but its Foxxx who surprisingly does 75% of the album himself on the production tip and creates some heaters himself. Especially on songs such as 24 hours, and Inside your head where he’s ripping the shit out of Noreaga and Bleek with vicious lines like : Sick and Tired of Nore and his What What What/ Tell him to write some Rhymes or give this shit up up up/ Beat your face mad ugly so you look like biz/ if you ever ask me what a Memph Bleek is.

But anyway the albums nonstop bangers continue to come as Primo laced Foxxx with 2 of the albums best tracks R.N.S. which made alot of noise on the Underground circuit around that time period and Part of My Life which he boasts about the fact that Hip Hop will always be apart of his life and he’ll l knock out whomever disagrees.

Legendary producer Pete Rock also holds it down behind the boards as he blesses us thirsty hip hop heads with gems like Who Knows Why, Industry Shakedown, and Bumpy Knuckles Baby and Diamond D samples Naughty By natures Dirt By My Lonely on Bumpy Bring it Home which features Billy Danze from M.O.P. doing the course, Industry Shakedown maybe the album’s most controversal track as he calls out record executives by name.

M.O.P. helps Freddie the Foxxx wreak havoc on the hella dope Tha Mastas, While M.O.P. comes off nice and rowdy as usual, Freddie the Foxxx steals the show with lines like:Im such a Real Nigga/I take it to BLAZE/ Tell em to make it 51 greatest emcees or I shoot up the page. Further proof that this isn’t the most politically correct album

Freddie however stumbles a bit on the album, The only tracks Im not feeling off the album are Searching which is obvious a blatant attempt to get radio airplay along with the mediocre Mcs Come and Mcs Go but despite those 2 weak songs, This was one of the best albums to have dropped in 2000. An underground classic. Foxxx proved on this album that Old School cats deserve their place and respect in hip hop

Vic Rating: 10 outta 10

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