Spice One- 187 He Wrote Review(Throwback)

Before Mobb Deep JaRule and many others came on the scene to lay the murder game on wax, There was Spice One. Its pretty easy to forget about Spice One now considering that he isn’t really putting out any more new material at the moment nowadays. In todays “what have you done for me lately” market, Spice One will go down as possibly one of the most overlooked within this generation but anybody that came up in the 90s would tell you that Spice One was that dude!

He was one of the few cats that made killing on wax a speciality of his not because of only his content but his actual talent., Critics have always stereotyped Gangsta Rappers as genetic emcees because they only talk about guns, money, bitches and murder or dont perform any lyrical acrobats like Canibus. It’s a stigma that the West Coast has always battled throughout their reign in the 90s and its pretty narrow-minded because good music is often being overlooked.

Well listening to this album Spice One is pretty much different from most gangsta rappers, He has an interesting deep delivery and knows how to use different flows along with proving to be a vivid storyteller.

While there are songs on the album such Im the Fuckin Murderer, Dumpin em in Ditches, and the Murda Show featuring McEiht which glorifies Violence. You can’t help but to actually nod your head and enjoy it in a sick sinister way due to Spice’s chilling delievery among and heavy knocking production.

Spice also shows more versatility with his flow on Smoke Em like a Blunt where he experiments with the Rasta flow. He also shows unique storytelling skills on Do Ring the Alarm where He and Boss Lady are playing Bonnie and Clyde and going on a Robbing Spree. The same for Running out of the Crackhouse along with the album’s title track where he gives you a glimpse of his childhood and how he got introduced into the madness of the street life. You can actually picture this whole scenario being planned out as a motion picture and thats what makes Spice stand above many of his peers at the time.

Many may complain of the limited subject manner but thats ok because He also comes through on Trigger happy joints like Trigga Gots No Heart which has NO Profanity and still came out a banger, Clip the Trigger and Trigga happy where he’s taking a page out of Ice Cube’s Gangsta Fairytale and portraying Guns as pimps, hoes, and gangsters. It may sound a bit silly but it’s still pretty dope. My personal favorite track on the album is R.I.P. where he talks about scenarios that led to the death of many of his homeboys and loved ones.

Overall I’m not sure if todays Hip Hop fans are gonna accept Spice One’s style of music, He doesn’t have music to dance too, Pick this up if You like Gangsta Rap or a Fan of Spice Ones music

Vic Da Ruler:10 outta 10

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