The return of Beef in Hip Hop?

I don’t know if its election season or its the change of the weather or the bad economy, But whatever it is, Beef has seemingly has returned into the rap climate and I say that as a fan of the culture, I feel that its NEEDED. Between G Unit and MMG music going at it, Jeezy and Gucci going at it, Jeezy and Ross, Blu and Schoolboy, Game and 40 Glocc, Wayne and Pusha T, Drake and Common(which started the year) I’d say lets stop with the cease fires and let these camps DUKE IT OUT. Enough with this “lets chill and be happy to get money” crap that these square dudes are talking. Hip Hop really NEEDS this at this point and I’m gonna break down the reasons why:

1.It brings the best out of the artists involved.

When 50 Cent blew up, He was a target to many and targeted many of his peers himself. Everyone from Fat Joe, The LOX, Shyne, Nas, Ja Rule, Cassidy, Game, and many others were targeted by 50. This literally forced alot of the artist to come back with their hardest and at times their most best material. Artists come with their best work under pressure and one of the prime examples is Nas.

Before his “battle” with JayZ, Nas was basically in a content stage of his career. He was basically putting out mediocre songs and albums like Nastradamous and You Owe Me basically not really caring because nobody was there to tell him that the stuff he’s releasing was weak. The battle with JayZ not only gave new life to Nas’s stalling career at the time but it also forced him to really come out strong within his best material. The Post battle spawned out Stillmatic, The Lost Tapes and God Son within a 2 year span. JayZ even put out the Blueprint which was one of the best albums of his career.

2.It kills alot of fakeness in the game

Maybe its because I’m from a different era, But I’m sick of rappers talking tough twitter threats and then deleting them a day later. I’m sick of the fake brotherly love on these repetitive DJ Khalid songs and I’m certainly SICK all of these rappers throwing shots at each other and then hiding their hands(Pusha T). When you see two rappers who don’t like each other literally go at it on wax, It not only tests their skill but it also saves alot of backpedaling and falseness amongst one another.

The reason why a lot of this been happening for the past two years is because the machine has more of a control behind these big 3 labels which is Cash Money, G.O.O.D. Music, and Maybach Music. You can easily tell that these artists are EAGER to go at it on record. You can hear the subliminals being thrown, You can tell that these guys aren’t the best of friends as they want you to believe and that they rather compete with each other. Between Pusha T and Lil Wayne, Drake and Common, Drake and Big Sean, Its been eager to brew for a while.

The main reason why you see alot of these guys not really going at each other on record nowadays is mainly due to industry pressure. The Suits who control these labels battling on record in today’s market as “bad for business” which would result in no more predictable Kanye and Ross or Wayne and Ross collaborations.

In a way you can’t really blame these artists because the Industry politics are SOMETHING ELSE. An artist establishing his fan-base going at Lil Wayne would mean risk of being blackballed or a high chance of his record being tossed on the shelf by his label. The Suits behind Lil Wayne as well as that rappers label see Lil Wayne as a cash cow. He’s a major asset within the Music industry so they don’t want to risk Lil Wayne battling someone on record because it can sabotage his credibility as well as his sales. People seen what happened with Ja Rule so alot of these artists instead follow orders, apologize, say their twitter been hacked and beg for a collaboration.

The results of these new moves from the Industry to not only push more emo style music(basically soft music) and suppressing battling on records has given more mediocre and below average artists a lane to come into the game and get away with releasing repetitive music. Mediocrity has been accepted as excellence within the past 5 years and the results have been tragic:

We’ve seen caricatures get passes for making bad music left and right. We’ve see people get more phrase for their “hustle” instead of their craft and thats because the elders are even afraid of saying anything about rap today because they know that them speaking their mind would hurt their cred with that rappers audience. Those are the true recipes that formed today’s politically correct and safe rap climate. One of the reasons why Nelly’s career lasted longer than it did was because he STOOD up for himself against KRS One.

3. It puts your money where your mouth is.

People may think I’m crazy for this but I feel confrontation meaning when things get physical is a GREAT thing. For so long a lot of these guys have gotten away with spitting a bunch of tough talk and really trying to make people believe in their character. Its misleading to people who follow and live vicariously through them(mainly the youth).

The soft rap climate of today has given too many rappers the pass to really carry themselves on and off record as if their really that character. What they fail to realize is that there comes a time where you have to really show if you really about what you rap about or you’re just using a gimmick for record sales.

And before anyone want to come with that “You’re advocating black on black violence” argument. Let me say that for the record physical confrontation in music has ALWAYS existed within music and art going back to the days where Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo had a war of words over who painted better paintings. Fights use to break out during rivals within the Classical Music circuit in the 1800s and just as recently Kid Rock and Tommy Lee were fist fighting at the VMAs years back over Pamela Anderson. Beef has always been apart of American history and to further add to these counterclaims, How could people can sit there and listen to all of these rappers talk about killing, beating up people and then cry wolf when something physical happens? You can’t have it both ways.

My opinion about the events going on in hip hop right now is that I feel just as long as there’s nobody getting killed or nobody getting shot, stabbed over music that there’s nothing wrong with it. I see absolutely nothing wrong with hip hop going back to the days of battling and being confrontational at times where it forces men to take a fade or fight instead of reaching for a gun or stabbing someone.

What people don’t understand is no matter how much alot of these new aged fans along with Execs whom want to suppress and mold hip hop to what you want it, Rap will always be known as a BLOODSPORT. If you’re a rapper and you’re talking all of that “I’m the best alive, We have the most money, We’re the hardest crew” then like in the old days, You have to literally prove it and earn those stripes. If you’re not built for it then there’s always the Flo’rida/Pitbull route and go get your money there.

Message to the fans.. SHUT UP and enjoy the music

One more thing is that ruins the competition aspect of hip hop this is how fickle these hip hop fans are. What ever happened to just sitting back and just enjoying the battle? Too many fans want to get personally involved with the artists lives instead of just watching two talented artist duke it out and getting things off their chest.

It’s that type of fickleness that literally ushered fear into many of these artist today because they seen what happened to Ja Rule’s career. They seen how alot of these “fans” literally turn on Ja and jump on 50’s bandwagon because he was hot at the time and they don’t wanna take that risk.

So my message to the fans would be to stop acting like groupie stans and just enjoy these guys shooting the fair one on wax. Stop being so involved in these rappers lives and analyze strategy’s for these grown ass men and focus on your OWN life.

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