Ghostface Killah Ironman Review(Another throwback)


Alot of people think that Ghostface is the best member of the Wu and throughout the years He has proven that claim steadily. Releasing classics such as Supreme Clientle, Bullet Proof Wallet(bootlegg), Fishscale, along with classic verses on different Wu albums. He along with RZA, and Raekwon were the most versatile. Whenever he makes sense or not in some of his rhymes, He has a way of making it sound tight due to his tight delivery.

When I finally copped Ironman, I knew I was in for something special. RZA was fresh off the momentum of Cuban Linx, Liquid Swords, and ODB’s Return of the 36 Chambers within a 2 year span kept ball running with Ghostface Killah’s debut. People complained about the guest appearances on almost every track but they don’t take away from Ghost as he continues to shine throughout Ironman.

Ghostface shows versatility and alot of personality on this first album. There were times when I first heard the Wu where I couldnt tell Raekwon or Ghost alike. But on Ironman, Ghostface shows his true idenity and shows that he’s ready to shine. He can even make silly songs such as Wildflower sound dope where he’s basically bragging about his dick and checking a female. He does however shed Women in a more positive light on Camey where he, Raekwon, and Cappadonna talk about what they like in a woman, Raekwon and Cappadona(especially) do a nice job especially with Cappa coming correct with insightful lines like:

Shes elegant/ Pretty eyes with glasses/ I’m glad that she’s Intellegent Ghostface kinda of ruins the mood of the song and his own verse with when he goes You sexy muthafucka! damn Whats the recipe?/ You make a nigga wanna gotdamn! Overall another ghetto love classic track from the Wu.

Ironman also has some pretty heartfelt moments which may come as a shock to many whom expecting hardcore dark shit throughout. Most Wu fans probably heard Motherless Child from the Sunset Park Soundtrack so it was a pleasure of hearing the track once again on his album because it blends nicely with the flow of the album which focused on children whom are lost in the projects without guidence.

All I got is You is a very heartfelt tribute to his mother. It shows that Ghost should be takened serious as not just a rapper but also an artist as he paints vivid pictures of the pain he went through growing up in the projects with his mother. Mary J Blige does a very nice job at singing on the course and theres a pretty ill poem read at the end of the track.

Like Raekwon’s Only Built for a Cuban Link Album, Rae and the Wu family represent on here. The collabos are here are possibly some of the best Wu Tang collabos to date because theres Clan members that steal the show on certain tracks: Winter Warz(Cappadonna), Box in Hand(Method Man), Black Jesus(U-God), Assassination Day(Masta Killa) are perfect examples.

Ghost does prove that he doesn’t need the other Wu members on poisonous Darts where Ghost basically raps hardcore over a haunting RZA beat, He may not make sense to many but its his energetic and interesting delivery that makes him entertaining to listen too regardless.

But it made me me wonder at the time why they call this album a solo album being that there’s a guest appearance from a Wu Member on almost every track. People who want to hear more of Ghost solo need to check out Supreme Clientele but this album is definitely classic material thats worth adding to your collection.

Vic’s Rating: 10 outta 10

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