Nature For All Season’s Review(Throwback!)

Nature For All Seasons

When Nature first debuted into the rap game, He seemed to have gotten a crappy set of cards to deal with. He was basically put in the East Coast supergroup the Firm as a substitute for Cormega whom was already kicked out. The Fans didn’t respond to Nature’s verses on the album despite him being a pretty nice rapper for the most part. It didn’t also help his street credibility any further where he got caught in the middle of Nas and Cormega’s war of words as he would get his chain snatched and knocked out by Mega himself. But despite the Ls Nature took them to the chin and kept things moving. By the time of releasing his debut, He already had a feud brewing with former friend Nas and many others among QB.

For All Seasons rarely got the promotion it truly deserved and like many other people who came in the game associate with Nas, The rap world didn’t want to really get down with Nature despite him being a talented rapper. There was a high possibility that people didn’t see Nas(whom was a household name) didn’t really have any involvement with the project and didn’t want to really push him thinking He was gonna fail. Thats absorb because on this album you not only get to see Nature’s rap abilities truly showcased but he also kept that grimy Queensbridge sound throughout.

People who really slept on Nature need to check out tracks such as We Aint Friends where he talks directly about his up and down relationship with Nas and how he felt betrayed by him. This is the song that started tension between Nas and Nature which led to their war of words into 2001. He continues to kick brilliant narratives of street life on tracks such Nature’s Shine and Remember where he talks about coming up in 83.

The Ultimate High(Which is the only Nas feature) is another classic QB collab between two great emcees and was also featured on the In Too Deep Soundtrack. Young Love among with Man’s World is my personal favorites on For Seasons Where Nate spits about trying to maintaining a relationship among 2 women. Mans World is no question the album’s best track because it’s a perfect introduction at the time for Nate to prove that he was more than just a fill in for another rapper. Backed up with a classic James Brown sample. Nature reflects on his struggles coming up and paints the picture of the gritty street life that he arose from.

Aside from filler tracks like Smoke, I Dont Give a Fuck, and Talking That Shit. This was a very stellar debut from Nature. He proved that he deserves a position in hp hop with this one.

Vic Rating: 8 outta 10

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