Kanye West and G.O.O.D Music-Cruel Summer Review

Before going into this review, This has been a problem with many hip hop listeners today. They go into an album purposely expecting some other shit and then want to claim a album is trash when they don’t get it.

When you’re listening to a Kanye West song or album nowadays, You should realize that the Kanye from the College Dropout days are GONE. Let me just put that out there because people are actually expecting some pro black/we gonna save the world positive type of vibe from Kanye these days and thats not happening because for latter or worse his lifestyle has changed along with his bank account, his preference of women and his style of producing. So if you’re going in expecting College Dropout II you’re gonna be disappointed.

Kanye has never been the best rappper by any means. He’s had some witty lines here and there and he improved over the years on his bars and execution. The song Thermaflu showcases’ Ye at his best and his most arrogant. If it isn’t bragging about having the baddest chick in the game, His dress code or even warning his girlfriends ex that he could get him dropped off the team, Ye’s new-found arrogance and supreme confidence flows throughout this track and thats a good thing.

You also got to give Kanye credit for also recruiting talent for his G.O.O.D. music imprint. Guys like Big Sean and Pusha T shine throughout this album. Big Sean continues to impress me with his standout verse on the album 2nd single Clique which features a solid verse from JayZ and a decent verse from Ye. The album’s 2 main singles Mercy and I Dont Like(which is a remix to Chief Keef’s street banger I don’t Like) are still tearing up clubs right now and also shows Pusha T is ready to become next.

As for outside guest appearances There are some suprises here. Ghostface Killah makes a surprise appearance on the album’s best track New God Flow where he shows these youngsters how to get in the booth and literally set it off. Tony Starks hasn’t lost a step:

Ghost’s other Wu Tang Brethren Raekwon the Chef makes a appearance on the following track The Morning along with Common, Pusha T, and the flavor of the month 2 Chainz. I like the real hip hop feel Raekwon be bringing to these type of tracks and this makes no exception

The biggest surprise on G.O.O.D. music is the return of MASE on Higher. I never was no big fan of Mase at all but he did a solid job on this track but it was Pusha T who had the best verse on the track

You can expect the content to vary and be more of the same but my biggest gripe about the G.O.O.D. music album is that it doesn’t showcase the entire roster. I would have liked to hear more of Common, more of Mos Def, more of Mannie Fresh and QTip. There are also songs such as To the World, Creepers featuring the very wack Kid Cudi(who absurdly have a solo song here) and Sin City which sounds like a leftover from My Dark and Twisted Fantasy soundwise.The One had potential starting with Kanye and Big Sean talking about their inner struggle but its the out-of-place 2 Chainz verse throws the vibe of the song completely off.

Overall this was a solid album for what it was and fans of Kanye’s recent work will enjoy it. It still could have been better but it was better than I thought it would be.

Vic Rating: 7 outta 10

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