Nas The Lost Tapes Review(Throwback!)

This LP is a treat to diehard Nas fans. Not only does it feature the classic material that never gotten to see the time of day on albums such as I AM, Nastradamous and Stillmatic but most of the material are remastered, cleaned up and doesn’t feature any wack Djs screaming all over them. I’m pretty sure that most heads have already heard most of these songs before on mix tapes, Best of Nas mixes and such but this album is still worth checking out for the fact that the lyricism displayed by Nasir Jones himself is incredible and at the same obtaining substance this time around.

Black Zombies is a great song where Nas shows off his newfound Pro Black Afro Centric persona(Must have come out Post-Stillmatic), This is a very positive song that the Hip Hop community needs more of as he talks about Blacks are mostly Zombies to the system and acknowledging the ills that blacks have to go through to survive. It’s great to see that Nas appreciates his culture and putting out an uplifting message on this song.

The Songs which were left off of I AM were dope as well and remastered. Poppa was a Player is a great song where he talks about growing up with his pops and shows his respect for him by being man enough to leave the family after he got grown, Blaze a 50 shows that Nas is a very good narrator/Storyteller as he’s giving us a story about a fiance of a famous football player is trying to persuade him to kill her husband so she can get his Insurance Money, Drunk by Myself has Nas playing the role of a drunk playing mind games between soberness and Insanity and Fetus gives us a audiobiographical view of Nas speaking from his mother’s womb before he escapes.

If you enjoyed the I AM cuts, You’ll definitely love the Stillmatic cuts. Purple shows Nas at his best lyrically as he acknowledges the fact that P-Diddy did Shyne wrong with the different lawyers, The alchemist produced gems My Way and No Ideas Orignal where he claims “No Ideas Original/there’s nothing new under the sun/It’s never what you do is how its done” are also an example of Nas’ brilliance.

The only thing that stops Lost Tapes from getting a full classic rating is the fact that theres still much more tight Nas material left off. Songs such as Wanna Play, amongst Kings, Steady Scheming and plenty of others would have fulfilled the album perfectly. But nevertheless This is Nas at his best since his Illmatic days. No oochie Wally, wack commercialized pop influenced songs with a million collaborations on this album. With Life is Good resurrecting his career, Im hoping now for a Lost Tapes part 2!

Vic Da Ruller 9.5 Outta 10

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