Lil Wayne Dedication 4 Review

After delays and pushbacks. Weezy finally drops his highly anticipated mixtape. The hype around this been pretty heavy throughout the summer, People wanted to see if there were anything left in Wayne’s tank considering he dropped a dud with the Carter 4.

It seemed that ever since that album that Lil Wayne has lost alot of his luster. The punch lines that were at time witty and at time pretty nice for his standards were rapped lazily or without much of an effort. It seems to be a procedure that most rappers get when their settle like Wayne. When they get money, their records are guaranteed sellers or have a stanbase that would literally eat up any of their records regardless of how horrible they are, It’s easy for them to become uninspired and complacent. It’s happened to JayZ, Its happened to Nas, Its happened to Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and now Lil Wayne.

Perhaps Weezy’s new interests from rap music is a clear indication that his heart and passion isn’t with making hip hop anymore. If he isn’t skateboarding nowadays, autotuning or trying to put out horrific rock music. People felt that the Dedication 4 was Wayne’s last chance at regaining his credibility whom he felt he lost within the past two years. The results of the mixtape which is a continuation of his Dedication series is while its better than The Carter 4 by a landshot, The results are still hit and miss.

Wayne decided to go back into the No Ceilings format with Dedication 4. Rapping over the hottest instrumentals of the biggest songs of the moment. Wayne went back into attack mode for the Dedication 4 and showed why people started fucking with him in the first place.His freestyles for hits such as At the Same Damn Time, Burn, I Dont Like, and Cashin Out are pretty dope. What may rub people quite the wrong way is Get Smoked which he shamelessly raps alongside young 13-year-old Chicago rapper Lil Mouse on the distasteful Get Smoked. However its very catchy but you can’t help but to feel some sort of way hearing a 12-13 year old rapping about dope, guns, and gangs and having a 30-year-old man cosign on him.

The Guest appearances on here are surprisingly kept to a minimum. J Cole literally murders the Special delivery freestyle thus embarrassing Wayne on his own cut. Nicki Minaji’s verse about supposedly supporting Mitt Romney caused a stir but I’m not a fan of Nicki’s cartoon character style raps like that anymore. Not to mention the Still Homies which was a original song from Big Sean and himself was just plain wack. The remix is much worse.

It’s great to hear Lil Wayne resort back to attack mode but the problem relies once again that Weezy’s content is repetitive at best. Its great when a artist stick to what they know and what they do best. The problem with this here is that Weezy’s repetiveness among his subject manner drags down the tape. Just about 70% of his raps are about eating pussy or fucking bitches, It’s pretty cool to hear him flip the dialogue into different punchline and metaphors a couple of times but there’s only so many ways you can rap about fucking a chick right or eating the box.

The repetitiveness of the material brings the Dedication down. Especially when on the Dedication 2 was where Wayne was at his peak and was literally gunning on almost every cut because he felt he had to prove he was the Best Rapper Alive. Wayne in Dedication 4 is more content on just getting pussy and skateboarding(which is heavy influential on most of his raps here).

Vic Rating: 6.5 outta 10

Link to the mixtape:

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