Slaughterhouse -To the House Mixtape

1. “Back The F*** Up”
2. “Weight Scale”
3. “On The House”
4. “Sucka MC’s” — feat. Freeway
5. “Ya Talkin”
6. “All On Me”
7. “See Dead People”
8. “Where Sinners Dwell”
9. “Juggernauts”
10. “Coming Home”
11. “Gone” — feat. K-Young
12. “Who I Am” — feat. SLV
13. “Truth Or Truth, Pt. 1”

After listening to their very horrendous LP on Shady. I didn’t even think Slaughterhouse had anything left to offer. Everything that I expected with that album went wrong went wrong. The bulk of the album focused on the very popish Skylar Gray/Alex Da Kidd sound that been popping for the past 2 years, It may sound great for Eminem and even Joey but the rest of these cats sound very out-of-place rapping on that style. The album came across as obvious blatant attempt to cross into the mainstream which may gain them new fans but its sure to really alienated old ones.

The LP was horrible to the point where I couldn’t really get past it but luckly for them, The group had released a DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz mixtape the week prior. This was an obvious smart move because not only do the mixtape platform allow Slaughterhouse to actually showcase their true worth but they also don’t have to worry about catering to pop fans and can basically BE THEMSELVES.

I for one wish that This would have been an album release instead of the crap that was chosen on the LP because this mixtapes showcases the superb talents of Budden, Royce, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I to the highest degree. This mixtape is slaughterhouse at their finest. They literally rip these tracks to pieces. It seemed that these cats had more fun doing what they do best on this mixtape instead of trying to force billboard hits on their major label album.

People who listened to their major album and left with a sour taste need to check out tracks such as juggernauts, Weight Scale(Which has them tearing Nas’s Nasty track to pieces),Sucker MCs, and the mixtape’s best track Truth be Told(which uses Rick Ross’s Tears of Joy) which goes over 14 minutes. People need to listen to Joe Budden’s verse on here, The kid when he has the right production is a SERIOUS problem. When it comes to expressing himself and baring his heart on a track, Joey is definitely up there with the best of them.

Another Vic Favorite is Who am I which would have been a better suited first single for their album than that My Life bullshit is perfect for the group. The hook is soulful, The production backdrop which is reminiscence of JayZ’s Dead Presidents track is perfect to cater to the fans who want that fresh hip hop sound into the mainstream.

To the House had Slaugtherhouse flexing their lyrical assault over some of the latest beats along with cuts that sounded like that were axed from the major album because it was “too hip hop” for the masses. But this is a treat for their fans and worth checking out

Vic Rating: 8.5 Outta 10

^^^^^^^^Heres the mixtape for download

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