Slaughterhouse Welcome to Our House Review

There are many things in life that have looked great on paper but for some reason suffered from really bad execution. Prime examples of this is The Firm album which was produced by Dr Dre in 1997, JayZ and Kanye Wests’s Watch the Throne, The Lakers 2003-2004 squad, Chad Johnson on the Patriots, The list goes on and we can now add Eminem’s Slaughterhouse project into the list.

When I first heard Eminem signed Slaughterhouse, It seemed like a match made in heaven. Eminem had just dropped his comeback album Recovery in 2010 and redeemed himself as one of the best to have ever do it. Slaughterhouse’s debut album was great and only needed a bigger platform for them to showcase their skills so it seemed like a match made in heaven for the average hip hop fan because now the masses(With Eminem’s affiliation) were gonna see these guys do what they do best.

All 4 members have dealt with the politics and bullshit of the record industry,been semi blackballed, been treated like tax write-offs, been in beefs and wars throughout hip hop so them coming together seemed like a smart career move because not only would a Eminem cosign give them more attention but also a chance to solidify themselves with the heavyweights.

When I heard them put out This is my Life as their first single which featured the now commercial Cee-Lo Green, The first thought that hit my mind was “Oh No”. This track while may be celebrating a new life on this track which I have no problem with. The problem is the music sounds just like all the other cookie cutter crap thats dominating the airwaves.

But even with that misstep and obvious attempt for them to reach new fans, I still had my hopes that the rest of the album were gonna be on some raw straight spitter tip backed with raw production much like albums in the past from groups such as DITC, Terror Squad, or even Wu Tang but instead the whole direction of the album was obvious: To appeal to Eminem’s demographic and to please radio which is where the album fails.

The problem remains that these dudes are either trying to use Eminem’s Recovery Emo sound or try to make silly songs like him. Its obvious with alot of that Alex the Kidd influence throughout the album that they were aiming for that demographic because they seen it worked for Eminem and it brought him back in the game, It worked well for him because thats his style. It even works for Joe Budden but for guys like Royce, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I, They sound so out-of-place and out of their element.

But it’s not to say that Slaughterhouse’s album have all bad songs. They have some real dope songs that really showcase these guys abilities as serious spitters. One of my personal favorites is Goodbye where they use the Recovery Emo sound to their perfection as the 4 pour their heart out on struggles from their personal lives.

There are also times such as the aforementioned song where the Recovery sound work. The opening track Our House has them re introducing themselves to the public and their admiration for hip hop.Coffin featuring Busta Rhymes is pretty good as well as asylum, Hammerdance, and even the Swizz Beatz featured Throw it Away despite its horrendous hook sounds good because it’s the type of beats that Slaughterhouse sound comfortable rapping too. Even the track Die which is the album’s hardest track suffers from really bad hooks.

Those tracks are far in between as you have to swim through basura such as Throw That, Rescue Me, Frat House, Park it Sideways and a BOB song which doesn’t even deserve a mention.

Listening to this album really left a bad taste for my ears. What kills me about Eminem is that he signs these guys to bring the rawness back into hip hop along with Yellawolf because they aren’t like whats hot but yet they spent a whole album making what everybody else is doing. Leave that Billboard Top 40 music for Flo-rda and Pitbull.

Whoever gave direction and A&R’ed this album deserves a serious beat down with pipes and should be hung over a balcony on some Suge Knight shit.The sad part about it is slaughterhouse are capable rhyme slingers. They can rap. It’s the direction of this album was terrible.

Vic Rating : 4.0 outta 10

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