Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II will be a classic and heres why

Lupe Fiasco when he first emerged in 2006 was labeled as the next emcee to lead the generation next to Kanye West. The Chi Town Native when he debuted on Ye’s Touch The Sky amazed many listeners with his performance and introduced him into a new branch of people. He was cosigned by JayZ to be the next one so that further built anticipation for his debut.

Lupe has always been a wordsmith in terms of lyrical ability. He’s not the dude to go to for a club banger or for a party song to get drunk or have sex too. Lupe music is practically for people who appreciate lyricism and want to hear knowledge on wax. His first 2 albums Food and Liquor(despite the bootleggs) and The Cool were great albums. The Cool remains as his best album to date as he showcases his full potential to the max as an emcee. He also found a way to touch a new fanbase and carve his niche into the rap game.

The Lasers Era
This is the time where politics in the industry can either make or break artists.In Lupe’s case this battle with Atlantic records damn near cost him everything. The music industry’s direction has changed since The Cool hit shelves. The Industry instead of looking for dinners were looking for fast food which were great first weeks, ringtones, and pop numbers and Lupe along with many talented artists got caught up in the Matrix. The pushbacks and his unwillingness to compromise were considered career threatening to Lupe.

He started a petition to get his Laser’s album off the shelf and the support for him were surprising overwhelming. Millions have signed the petition in hopes to not only get Lupe’s album out but to also save his career which was at risk at facing limbo.

The album was released only to be critically slammed by album critics claiming that Lupe sold out or Lupe went straight up commercial(Which was the majority of the sound for the album) Even though there were flashes of the old Lupe on songs such as All Black everything, Words I Never Said and The Show Goes On, The album nevertheless was a disaster but it sold enough to keep him on the label and his career on track.

Post Lasers
Lupe is no stranger to controversy, Between publicly criticizing President Obama, Going at it with Tribe Called Quest over not really having knowledge of their work and openingly criticizing his peers for putting out mediocre music. Lupe felt that Food or Liquor II is now a do or die album for his career. Lets not also forget the fact that younger artists such as Kendrick Lamar and J Cole have moved into his lane and starting to make major moves into the game so it’s on Lupe to not only regain the credibility that he felt he lost by putting out the Atlantic Records forced album La$ers, But to prove to himself that he’s one of the best lyricists in rap today.

Even though he can be opinionated and at times talk in alot of terms where he comes across as one of these pseduo intelluctuals that sound silly in interviews, Nobody can ever deny the fact that dude cant rap and thats what its all about overall.

Food & Liquor 2
After hearing Freedom Aint Free, My Bitch Bad, and Lamborghini Angels, It’s clear that Lupe is going for the jugular this time around and going back to what he does best. He’s going back to taking control of the direction of this album and thats why I feel it may be a classic in the making. Lamborghini Angels is gonna be one of those songs thats gonna push buttons but at the same time give people who knowledge about the ills of society. Freedom Aint Free should be an indicator that Lupe is ready to get back into the game and My Bitch Bad is a great concept song. The man himself will tell you why we should be expecting a classic album

On his new album being his interpretation of America:

“The album is meant to be my interpretation of America. Politics, society, religion, class, race, food, all across the board. It was only right that we had to have a song that was a college of that so people got it from the door that all these different things, topics that make up America, that make us Americans, the things that influence us and the things that we influence. You needed that first record to be the embodiment of that whole piece, the whole direction that we’re going in. This record is a college, but it’s a more like an introduction. As you get into the album, as we release new records, and hopefully we’ll release the album in a few months, you’ll see that we focus on particular issues on particular songs. We will expand on something that may have come up in the second verse of “Freedom Ain’t Free”. There will be a whole song that speaks about this particular relationship in American society, or this particular phenomenon in American society, so people can get a good direction of where the album is going. You get it all in the first joint. But it’s not necessarily angry. The whole record’s not angry. It’s not coming from an angry place, it’s coming from a serious place.”

On album features:

“It’s Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Part I. Part I, which “Freedom Ain’t Free” is the single off of, is coming in the next few months. It really ain’t got no features on there. It got a few people on the hooks and stuff like that, but no other real features other than myself. But that’s part one. It’s a double album. We’re probably 80% finished with part 2, which is going to come out a little later. It’s not finalized. You don’t know who’s going to be on it… Part 1 is done and there ain’t gonna be any features on there, but part 2, it maybe somebody coming at the last inning to drop a verse. We’ll see.”

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