Why The Rock returning to the WWE is GREAT for Business

When the Rock made his surprisingly return into the WWE early last year. It was met with tons of excitement, a new energy, and seemingly brought interest back into what was becoming a stale product in the WWE since the PG era. But the Rock’s return to the WWE was met with alot of resentment and mixed feelings. Many felt that him coming back was taking spotlight away from the talent, Many felt that he was using the WWE to continue his movie career and felt that he was using the WWE platform to get his credablity back which many felt he lost by doing those Disney movies and those moist roles. Whatever your instant feeling was. You nevertheless STILL watched and that was the goal that the WWE wanted to accomplish.

I find it pretty silly how many wrestlers felt that Rock was coming back to stop their shine when in reality most of their heroes(including Hogan and Austin) have done FAR worst and were still welcome back with open arms and respect.

When the WWE hired Hulk Hogan back in 2002 along with the NWO, It was great business and aside from Austin and a few others, Nobody really have a qualm with Hulk Hogan. When people look at Hulk Hogan, They see a man thats heavily responsible for the reason why they still get their big paydays to this day which is why nobody complained when he main evented Wrestlemania despite working for the competition for 6 years trying to put Vince out of business, despite testfying against him in court and constantly playing politics to get his way. Nobody really complained because Hogan was heavily RESPECTED for what he laid down and the group of wrestlers coming in at that time understood that because they were fans.

The same with Stone Cold Steve Austin. When Austin practically committed treason and walked out of a show and on the company. They welcomed him back with open arms. Aside from a few wrestlers, Nobody complained or gripped that the RattleSnake practically took his ball and went home. He was welcomed back in early 2003 with open arms because of what he’s done for the business which is why wrestlers fell back and respected him.

When the Rock came back, He was met with criticism from most of his peers. Openingly by John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton and a many other young wrestlers who felt Rock coming back was terrible for their pushes. Let me break down why Rock coming back is great for business.

1.He’s charasmatic and he brings the best out of his opponents.

Even Rock’s biggest haters have to admit that when you’re going toe to toe with the Rock, He forces you to bring your A Game on the mic. John Cena cut some of his best promos in years going against The Rock because he knew the Rock was superb with his mic skills and he knew he had really up his game. This wasn’t no Wade Barrett or Tyson Kidd, This was a man whom went toe to toe with some of the best mic workers in the business so Cena’s promos against the Rock were his best in years and he has the great one to credit for that one.

2.He brings fresh matchups for the young guys
Ever wanted to see Rock mix it up with CM Punk or Daniel Bryan? Well we finally got that opportunity to see those 3 mix it up during the 1,000th episode of Raw and it was great entertainment. Punk whom been stale as of late is starting to catch fire again due to a possible program with The Rock. He can give alot of these younger cats the rub verbally and can work programs with these guys in the ring

This is what it boils down too at the end of the day. Nobody can’t deny that Rock returning to Raw against John Cena this past year elevated ratings. The same way where the buyrates for Last year and This years Wrestlemania have been superb. Vince LOVES whatever serious media coverage he can get and with the Rock crossing his brand into hollywood, It was a win win for both him and Mchmahon with Rock getting that 18-35 male base back and Mchmahon benefiting off that Hollywood coverage.

The bottom line is The Rock DOESN’T have to come back. He’s financially set and have his career set to the point where he doesn’t have to wrestle ever again in his life. He’s never been the type to play politics or use his ego to power move his way to the top like many of his critics favorite wrestlers have done in the past. When it comes to putting over talent or elevating new guys, The Rock has always been that man to do it. When Austin or Triple H would refuse to work with a guy for odd reasons, Rock would be the guy to do it. How many top-notch main eventers would work with guys such as Al Snow, Billy Gunn, Val Venus, and the British Bulldog(whom was washed up at this point)?

Either the boys in the back who thrown stones at Rock don’t understand the business of professional wrestling or its pure jealousy because he exceeded and done things with his career that many whom are criticizing him are now trying to do but cant(Cena, Orton, trying to get that movie buzz). Theres no denying the fact that Rock’s return was great for business and is partly responsible for bring life back into what was a dying product. Even though Im dissapointed that he’s not sticking around on the regular basis like before. His contributions should still be respected.

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