Snoop Dogg-The Last Meal Review(Throwback)

“This is the last time you muthafuckas gonna eat off of me!”

This was an obvious shot at Snoop’s former employer Suge Knight and Death Row Records. Despite finally obtaining his freedom and signing to No Limit(for financial and safety purposes) There were instances where Suge Knight was still eating good off Snoop’s brand and on this album He’s fed up with it. This was his last album off Priority(which also distributed Death Row) and he was gonna celebrate his freedom.

On the Last Meal. The whole gang is present to celebrate with Snoop and it relies heavily on the west coast funk from Battlecat, Fredwreck, Dr Dre, Mech Mells, Scott Storch and even Timbaland whom supplies Snoop with the very bouncy but fun first single titled Snoop Dogg which samples the classic Double Dutch Bus track for the hook. Set it Off is an all around nice posse cut which features MC Ren, Lady Of Rage, Nate Dogg and Ice Cube. MC Ren literally kills this song as he proves that he’s still that Villan and throws shots at Tomica Wright.

Snoop seems to be growing more and more as an artist , You can listen to every Snoop album from Doggystyle to The Last Meal and tell that he seemed to have matured his style of flow, His days of 187 on an Undercover cop are long gone here(I still miss it though) instead he’s into a more laid back pimped out type of vibe and that influence is felt on the very laid back Stacy Adams, True Lies, and Pump Yo Breaks where Snoop is showcasing his pimp hand as hip hop’s Goldie Mack.

What made the Last Meal so special is the fact that Dr Dre comes through and supplies Snoop Dogg with some head knockers. Hennsey N Buddah is a great track where he’s telling muthafukkas that he’s back and that he hasn’t falling off, Dre comes back later on the album to lay down a sick slinky Piano beat on the posse cut Lay Low featuring The Eastsidaz, Nate Dogg, and Master P which is straight up West Coast gangsta music that we know and love from the duo.

However due to Death Row’s leaking Snoop’s album weeks in advance. Songs which featured tracks such Cant Out Mack a Mack ,BackTraccin, When I Wake Up The and appearances from Warren, Xzibit(whom were on the original songs) are absent. But Snoop shrugs the haters off like a true mack as he addresses Record Label politics on my personal favorite track I Can’t Swim. This is Snoop Dogg at his sharpest lyrically and remains as one of his most underrated tracks to date.

Even though the absence of these songs threw off what could have been a possible classic album. He still was able to put out some nice cuts that substituted it. Songs like Wrong Idea,nnd Leave Me Alone has Snoop going back to flowing and at times singing(Like on Leave Me Alone)

While Snoop may blunder a few times with weak songs like the Ready 2 Ryde featuring Eve, Loosin Control and the weak version of the 504 Boyz hit Wobble Wobble with Back it Off, Snoop delivered a great album and closed it off perfectly with Yall Goin Miss me by reminding people of his influence of his rap game, his life post Death Row and paying homage to Master P for saving his life.

Overall while it may not top Doggystyle(I doubt he ever do that) It still showed that Snoop still had the chops to be a major player in the rap game.

Vic Rating: 8.5 outta 10

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