Ice Cube The Predator Review(Throwback)

When it comes to mention Ice Cube and his best albums, Albums such as Amerikkas Most Wanted and Death Certificate are the first to come to mind. Both of those album’s were very powerful influentially because Cube was talking about some heavy shit, He approached topics that many rappers at the time were afraid to touch on whenever he was calling out money-grubbing sellout/house niggas on True to the game, Constant harassment of blacks from Koreans in convience stores on North Korea, or brazenly labeling Whites as “Horny lil Devils”.

It’s safe to say that Ice Cube was a HUGE threat to White Amerikkka and the release of a new Ice Cube album couldn’t have been released at a better time because at the time where the Rodney King beating were making headlines around the world, The Rioting of angry black people in Los Angeles due to the unfair verdict and not to mention George Bush Sr. making constant decisions effecting the black community and other issues plaguing the black community. It was the right time for Cube to step up and he did by releasing his third solo album titled The Predator.

While the Predator may not be as hot as Death Certificate or Amerikkas Most, The album nevertheless remains as Cube’s most underrated in my opinion as he basically continued where he left off Death Certificate on the album’s opening song When Will They Shoot, This is Cube at his dopest lyrically and at his most angriest, The song is very in your face and hardcore. Basically the Wrong Nigga to Fuck with Part too

He continues to remain as the “Nigga Ya Love to Hate” as tracks such as We had to Tear This Mutha Up which addresses the 92 riots, The Predator where he talks about corruption in the US, and Who Got the Camera where Cube plays the role of a black man being harassed by Police(like that of Rodney King) can pretty much send chills down the spines of protestors and politicians.

But the album’s dopest moments also occur when we approach the album’s singles, It was a Good Day is Ice Cube at his lyrical finest. He flipped the classic Isley Brothers beat into a hip hop classic as he talks about a good day without drama. This is Cube at his finest proving that he still is one of the games nicest story tellers and remains as his biggest hit to date.

Wicked which is the album’s 2nd single was basically crunk music before it was labeled crunk music. The song has a very jungle like feel along with Cube flipping that Das EFx quick tounge style.

The bottom line is that the album is very enjoyable all around but the skits on here break up the momentum and tracks like Dirty Mack, Dont Trust Em, and Gangsta Fairytale 2(which is very good but doesn’t match up to the hotness of the first one) are the album’s weakest songs. But nevertheless The Predator is nice followup to his 2 previous classic albums. The tracks dont hit as hard as Black Korea or Horny Lil Devil but its still Cube staying in his pro black lane.

Vic Rating: 8.9 outta 10

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