The Game Red Album Review

After close to 2 year delay. The Game’s Red Album finally saw a release date and it finally dropped. Between not being able to find the right records, his unpredictable and at time beefs along with fighting to remain relevant in todays rap climate. There was a time where Many today felt The Game had what it took to carry the torch for the new West. Despite surviving 50’s wrath and beefs with many such as G-Unit,Ras Kass, Yukmouth, Joe Budden, and including a fallout with Dre.

With 3 great albums under his belt. I was hoping that this time around Game was gonna bring the hardcore hip hop back along with showcasing some serious growth. The problems remain with The Red Album is already evident and its the fact that Game just like many others are trying to cater to the masses and flooded the album with guest apperenances from whomever’s hot at the moment.

A disappointment considering I feel that Game can carry a solo album which he proved on Doctor’s Advocate when his back was against the wall. I like the concept of Dr Dre basically giving the album like an autobiography feel on record and there are some dope songs on here such as The City which is a great way to open up the album and reintroduce himself and also giving the spotlight to the newest West Coast prodigy Kendrick Lamar who literally MURDERED this track

The Game’s solo tracks is where I feel he shines the brightest. He even reached out to DJ Premier to give him that boom bap feel reminisce of the early 90s. The album’s best track no question is the very cinematic Ricky where he samples the Boyz in the Hood scene and literally shows that he can be a serious prime spitter. Mama Knows and California Dream are also excellent songs that also showcased the Game’s maturity as on California Dreamin reminisces about the joy of his daughter being born.

The problem remain with the R.E.D. album is like I said, It comes off too much like the typical Industry album full of nothing but features. There are some songs where they guest appearances do justice such as Tyler The Creator and Lil Wayne featured Martins Vs Goblins which features Tyler spitting a Slim Shady influenced verse. Heavy artillery featuring Beanie Sigel and Rick Ross is one of the hardest songs alongside Red Nation which is an homage to his blood brothers and an addictive Lil Wayne Hook.

But theres too much filler within the R.E.D. Album that makes it hard for the album to really flow. Songs such as Paramedics, Hello, All The Way Gone and the disappointing Drug Test which obviously sounds like a throwaway from Dr Dre and sub par performances from Game and Snoop. The middle part of the album is obvious attempts for radio play and they fall flat as well.

Lyrically The Game has gotten much better over the years and proved that he can really rap but being that he’s trying to sell and cater to the masses, We so often miss out on the Game’s real aptitude due to him being overshadowed with Guests. Hopefully The Game within his next album can go back to his west coast roots and keep his guest appearances to a minimum

Vic Rating:6.0 Outta 10

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