Scarface M.A.D.E. Review

December 4th 2007 will always be remembered for two things. For one it marked the return of one of raps most prolific storytellers Brad Jordan(Scarface) with an album full of fresh material. The other would leave many of hip hop in a somber note as it would also be the same exact day Pimp C would be found dead in his hotel room. Pimp’s death seemingly overshadowed the release of Face’s album and remained as a huge blow to not only Rap A Lot but mainly the Southern Rap scene. Luckily however Face proves on this album that he still has what it takes to remain in this game and that he shouldnt be going anywhere anytime soon.

Now a self-professed and respected OG. The album title speaks for itself. Scarface is basically a Made man into this hip hop game and he isn’t afraid of letting you know about how he operates by cleverly using the Never sample as a way to balance off his wordplay. He’s letting the world know that he’s Scarface, Respect where he come from, the game he laid and that he will never sellout or become a snitch for anyone.

He continues to brag(and rightfully so) on Big Dog Status which he talks about how he’s a big dog in this rap game and why he’s respected. He’s also joined along side Lil Wayne and T.I. who contribute solid verses as well. Made isn’t as dark as The Diary or as Violent as Mr Scarface is back but it still hits hard. Even on songs which would be considered soft in Face’s caliber still go hard and shows that he can keep it G at the same time. Especially on Girl You Know where he talks about a woman who did him foul and on Go which he talks about dealing with the playa lifestyle but wants to keep his woman afloat with him at the same time while having his own way.

My personal favorite tracks on the album is Boy Meets Girl which Face is showcasing his best asset and thats painting a picture of a couple caught up in the drug life which lead to their downfall as they get consumed with the products that their selling. The track is very soulful and possibly remains as one of Face’s best songs to date. My other favorite is Who Do You Believe in where Face is spitting that real talk among worldly issues in not only the country but also among his community as well.

The album does have mishaps and thats due to production and weak hooks. I could never get into Burn or Dollar which was due to horrendous hooks and very flat production which. Even though Dollar minus the hook has a message behind it. It becomes hard to enjoy but perhaps maybe it would eventually grow on to me. But he closes the album out with perfection with the very dark and eerie Suicide Note about a friends warning to him about suicide and the story unfolds from there.

Overall Made would go down as possibly one of Face’s best albums to date. He proved that he still belongs in the forever changing rap game and he stayed in his lane which is why he will always be a respected OG in music.

Vic Rating:9.5 outta 10

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