Joe Budden Mood Muzik 4 Review

Joe Budden Mood Muzik 4 Review

Joe Budden’s HIp Hop career has been a real rollercoaster ride to say the least. Creative differences between him and then major Def Jam led to him not only getting dropped from the label but considering dude’s reputation of being a brash and cocky individual, He became somewhat blackballed from the game for a moment. Many rappers in Joey’s position would have faded out into oblivion after being dropped from a big time label like Def Jam. Theres many that would just get complacent and just claim hip hop is dead. Joey instead took all of that anger and frustration into the booth and lashed out against wack rappers, the fake industry, the direction of hip hop and giving you insights of whats been going on with his personal life for Mood Muzik. The Mood Muzik series would not only reestablished Joe Budden’s name as a serious rhyme spitter but he also built himself a serious cult following by using technology to connect with a new base of people who can relate to his battles with his demons and his struggles. It seemed that being dropped by Def Jam was the best thing to have happened to him.

Mood Muzik 4 is the 4th installment to the series and alot has changed since the last one. Between getting into scuffles and battles with different rappers, reintroducing himself into hip hop with Joe Budden TV with a publicized breakup with his long time girlfriend Tahiry. Many were curious to hear what was on Joe Budden’s mind throughout this time around and he showed that despite the newfound attention that he’s still the same ol Joe that we know and love.

The Guest features on Mood Muzik 4 are on point with Remember the Titans and Desert 4 thought which features heavy spitters Royce da 5’9, Fabolous, Lloyd Banks, Styles P and Pusha T respectively. Fabolous whom is always walking that fine line between keeping it street and commercial shows his raw rapping ability and proceeded to throw shots at Soulja Boy on Remember the Titans. Royce and Joey proceed to hold their own but it was refreshing to see Fab showcasing that he has a serious skill set.

Desert 4 Thought is also very insightful which features Styles P proving why he’s currently the best member of the LOX as he vents about the frustrations of the fakeness in hip hop. Pusha T also felt that he had to point to prove being on the track with Joey and Styles so he holds his own here as well. Fellow Slaughterhouse partner Crooked I joins along Budden as he reflects on his personal struggles going on in his life showing in spite of the newform of notoriety that he still has problems like everybody else. Crooked I also shows that he isn’t one dimensional as many believed as he on his verse reflected on his hardship growing up.

Thats where Joe Budden literally shines as not only a rapper but as an artist. In hip hop where rappers try their hardest to masquerade a machismo like image of the being the biggest, the baddest, the rapper with the most money, rapper with the biggest car or most women. Budden is one of the few artists that isn’t afraid of expressing his insecurities, his failures in life as well as his shortcomings. Whenever he’s talking about being manic-depressive, his mishandling in relationships on inseparable or looking at the game from a birdseye view as an underdog trying to come up on Aftermath which samples Sylvester Stallones most inspirational quotes from Rocky VI. Black Cloud and Follow Your Lead are also songs that fit the emo feel of the album and prove that Joey is also one of the deepest rappers in the game today.

One of my favorite cuts if not my favorite of Mood Muzik 4 IS 1000 faces which is similar to Eminem’s Sing for a Moment with the hard rock feel behind it. The only difference is that he’s using Creed whereas Eminem used Aerosmith.

Joey is similar to Eminem in many ways(Which is probably why Eminem wanted to sign him) and this track proves it as Joey reflects about the darkside of fame and how it has affected his relationship with Tahyri. Alot of people would probably dismiss Joe Budden as nothing but a crybaby loser with a chip on his shoulder but you cannot deny his talent as a premier emcee and how much he has grown as an artist. Even if you’re not a fan of Joey exposing his whole entire life in an open book fashion. You can’t say that he isn’t keeping it real and that he isn’t talented. Mood Muzik 4 continues to prove that.

Vic Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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