2Pac-2Pacalypse Now Review(Throwback!)

This album was the start of the Tupac Shakur legacy. I honestly haven’t heard of Tupac until I seen him as the crazed Bishop in the hood classic Juice. Then I found out shortly that this cat was also a rapper and when I first seen the video for Brenda’s Got a Baby. My first thought was wow this guy is very gifted and the way he paints his pictures through his music were a harsh reality that many face but refuse to acknowledge.

This is Tupac Shakur before the money and fame. Before the shooting, before the beef and before Thug Life. This was an album created by a young black male who was suppressed by the system and you can feel his anger and pain throughout every song

Looking back now I felt that 2Pacalypse Now is some of his very underrated piece of work, The album hits hard like Ice Cube’s Death Certificate lyrically as He focuses on some very insightful but at the same time controversal topics which put fear into many during that time period. Not only because of the curse words but because of the fact that the music also contained a message behind it.

Soulja’s Story is one of the songs that got Pac in hot water with Vice President Dan Quayle at the time due to its content. You can feel the Black Panther influence in Pac throughout this whole album as he speaks up for the black men who constantly fall victim to society’s wicked ways on songs like Violent where he’s talking about Police Brutality, I Dont Give a Fuck has Pac lashing out on all racist’s of the world and Words of Wisdom is where he plays the Judge and “Amerikkka” are the defendants of the crimes committed to minorities. Pac was also dropping some serious science on this song.

The album’s best track hands down is the very sad storytelling joint Brenda’s got a Baby where Pac plays storyteller of the struggles of an pregnant abandoned teenage girl who struggles with poverty and raising her child. The album’s other deepest track is Part Time Mutha which is a song for struggling Mothers. I also love how Pac flipped the old Stevie Wonder beat and it comes off sounding pretty nice. The other singles such as My Homie Calls which is a track dedicated to his partners and Trapped where he speaks of a young black male incarcerated are also noteworthy highlights on the 2Pacalypse as well.

He may have not been the best technical rapper(He tried flipping the triple fast flow on Young Black Male but he wasnt too bad) The album’s only weakest tracks is The Lunatic and Something Wicked but nevertheless this is some of Pac’s best work, The production on the album may could have been on so-so on some of the songs but its his “words of wisdom” alone that carries the whole album. If you’re a fan of music that rebels against the establishment then this album is perfect for you.

Vic Rating: 9.5 outta 10

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