Rick Ross God Forgives I Dont

1. Pray For Us 0:59
2. Pirates 3:26
3. 3 Kings (Feat. Dr. Dre And Jay-Z) 4:26
4. Ashamed 4:19
5. Maybach Music IV (Feat. Ne-Yo) 5:14
6. Sixteen (Feat. Andre 3000) 8:18
7. Amsterdam 3:46
8. Hold Me Back 4:30
9. 911 5:29
10. So Sophisticated (Feat. Meek Mill) 4:10
11. Presidential (Feat. Elijah Blake) 4:14
12. Ice Cold (Feat. Omarion) 3:51
13. Touch N You (Feat. Usher) 4:16
14. Diced Pineapples (Feat. Wale And Drake) 4:39
15. Ten Jesus Pieces (Feat. Stalley) 6:55
16. Triple Beam Dreams (Feat. Nas) (Bonus Track) 4:41
17. Rich Forever (Feat. John Legend) (Bonus Track) 4:53

Personal opinions about the man aside, Theres no denying that Rick Ross is controlling the airwaves. He’s built a solid brand with his MMG music brand and what I do give Ross credit for is that he has a SUPERB ear for production which has been Ross’s main key element to staying relevant because content wise dude has been basically saying the same stuff over and over. Whenever you buy a Rick Ross album or listen to a Rick Ross mixtape you should already know what to expect. Thunderous street anthems, Smooth laid back grooves orchestrated in a climatic fashion(Justice League) and guest appearances from the biggest names in rap. What really surprised me is Ross has more solo songs this time around but this doesn’t change the fact that Rozzay’s album is more of the same than his previous projects only with different guest and style of production.

Say what you want about his exaggerated drug tales and constant bragging of the lavish life. I can’t deny the fact personally that Ross’s rapping ability has gotten MUCH better over the years. The Baby Boy Religious dialogue is a great opener for the album and makes you souped to hear the next song which was followed by Pirate. Yeah Ross isn’t saying much but he’s rapping pretty good and the production behind this knocks hard.

Ross this time around recruited some suprises for God Forgives. Andre 3000 proves without a shadow of a doubt that he’s possibly one of the best emcees to ever do it as he lyrically SLAUGHTERS Sixteen. Dr Dre(Yes Dr Dre) makes a appearance with JayZ on 3 Kings which rides with the concept of the album pretty well. JayZ’s verse on this track is pretty mediocre to say the least but Dre(even though its ghost written) sounds at best here. Now if only we can get that Detox album from him soon but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Nas makes a apperance on Triple Beam Dreams which is possibly their best collabo to date as they rhyme about the influence of cocaine in American culture. Nas’s verse is so poetic reminsicse of his It Was Written days and Ross actually does a great job of keeping up.

Of course no Rick Ross album wouldn’t be complete with a street banger with the trap heavy sound. Songs such as the gritty Hold Me Back, So Sophisticated, and 9-11(even though all 3 sound like the same song) should be good enough to make the clubs happy. But it’s when the album sorta slows down is where it loses momentum and becomes predictable. I can do without Ice Cold and Touch N You which was obvious attempts at radio play. Diced pineapples which is the typical song for the females would have been cool. Ross and Wale sound pretty good flowing to this beat but it’s that soft ass Drake hook that kills the flow of the song. But 10 Jesus Pieces makes up for it. This is possibly one of the best songs on God Forgives for the fact that Ross sounds pretty dope rhyming over smooth laid back production and the title fits the theme of the album.

Overall This isn’t no hip hop classic like many of these Ross stans would want you to believe. Ross’s content has been basically the same for every album and it gets really boring. He’s improved with his wordplay and his flow but theres only so many times you can hear about the lavish life, drug tales, and how many bitches you have. But in todays hip hop that flaw has often been overshadowed and overlooked due to the fact that he has a great ear for picking production which knocks very hard in whips and clubs all over the country. It also helps Ross that he has always had a solid list of rappers and singers as a supporting cast.

But at the same time If it isn’t broke don’t fix it because it seems that Ross has pretty much found his lane in rap and he’s sticking to it just as long as it keeps giving him critical acclaim and improves his finances. If you’re a fan of mainstream hip hop or whats hot at the moment then this album is perfectly fit for your taste but if you looking for an album full of knowledge, lyrical scriptures, and political dialogue then I suggest you pass this one.

Vic Rating: 7 outta 10

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