Self Made Volume II

SELF MADE 2 Review

People may find this as a suprise but I actually liked the First Self Made compilation. The album was clocked full of “street bangers” and radio hits that kept the clubs buzzing throughout the summer of last year. Rozzay also used his name to introduce hot philly spitter Meek Mill and reintroduced Wale’ into the mainstream with summer smash hits such as Tupac’s Back, Im a Boss and My Way.

Self Made 2 seemed to be more geared towards the mainstream than the last album. Omarion is the newest edition to the Maybach Music family and in my honest opinion he really doesn’t fit with this crew at all. Maybach O as he calls himself sounds forced trying to sing songs about the player life on M.I.A. and Lets Talk where they absurdly uses the voice sample of the late B.I.G.

You should already know what to expect from these guys off gate so if you’re expecting inspirational rhymes or multi syllable battle raps then this project isn’t for you and MMG make no bones about it. Balling, Celebration, getting money, and bucking at haters seem to be the entire theme of the album just like the previous one. The problem is that this compilation comes short and none of the songs on here bang out seriously like “I’m a Boss” or 300 Benz from their first album. But there are some bright spots here:

Ricky Rozzay still proves to be the groups star on tracks such as Bury Me a G, Black Magic, but he along with the rest of the MMG crew that gets outshined terribly by Nas who continues to body every guest appearance in sight.West Coast Gunner Nipsey Hussle shows that he’s a serious spitter on Foundation on Youth which is a good look for him because he can definitely use the exposure.

One of my favorite cuts from the album is the actual introduction to the album titled Power Circle which showcases the whole MMG cast and features Kendrick Lamar proving why he’s the current king of the West Coast with a mesmerizing verse. Meek Mill isn’t featured as much on this album which is I guess means he’s saving more of his ammo for his album. But whatever song he’s on. He brings it(Especially Black Magic, Dude killed it!) Mill is gonna be a serious problem in 2012!

You got songs that fit the typical radio criteria format such as Bag of Money, I Be Puttin On, The Zenth and florescent Ink which didn’t connect with me at all personally but may be good for radio spins Overall this is a decent compilation. It has some dope cuts on here but far from classic.

Vic Rating : 6.5 outta 10

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