WWE’s Most Brutal Matches(9-1) By Vic

09.The First Elimination Chamber Match
Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels Vs Y2J Vs Booker T Vs Kane Vs RVD

This was the debut of what would be called “Satan’s Playground” This match featured 5 of the best wrestlers on Raw gunning for a world title in a very sadistic cage structure that was portrayed as going through “Hell itself” . The first Elimination Chamber match will stand out as the best one to date due to the performances of the 5 men along with bloodshed and serious brutality from the steel. It also brought out emotions as HBK would once again win the title.

08.Stone Cold Vs Triple H
3 Stages of Hell

This was another first in WWF history. Austin was hell-bent on making Triple H pay for running him down at Survivor Series thus costing him to miss close to a year of action. Austin came back in late 2000 more vicious and venomous than ever. Triple H and Austin would engage in serious wars throughout late 2000 into early 2001 so there had to be a way to settle the war once and for all and it was through a match called 3 stages of Hell.

The rules of the match was whomever won 2 out the 3 matches was the supreme victor. The first match was a regular wrestling match, the second was a street fight and the 3rd(if it got there) would be finished off in a steel cage. These two literally beat the bejesus out of each other and the crowd was heavily into it. Chairs, sledgehammers, Barbed wired bats, tables were used on each other by both men and it was the perfect way to end a long feud.

07.Chris Benoit Vs Kurt Angle Raw Cage match

This match was perfect from a wrestling and a brutality standpoint. What was even couragable is the fact that both of these guys risked it all to provide our entertainment. Angle missed a moon sault from the tope of the cage and Benoit despite having serious chronic neck problems still delivered his signature headbutt from the top of the steel cage.

06.Mankind Vs The Undertaker Boiler Room Brawl

This was one of my favorite feuds in 1996. Mankind since his debuted proved to be the Undertakers toughest foe to date. He’s done things to the Undertaker that no other man has ever done. He’s played mind games like Taker, He’s attacked Taker numerous times and made Taker for the first time in his career look human instead of superphenom like. I was rooting for Undertaker to literally kick his arse throughout Summerslam but the problem was that he was once again playing into Mankinds hands by accepting a match in a place where he practically lives. The boiler room

This was the first taste of WWF blatantly copying ECW formula of using brutal weaponry. The crowd was silent as they watched in shock of the massacre that was taking place. Taker and Mankind then took the fight from the boiler room to the hallway of the lockeroom where the whole lockroom watched in excitement. The goal was to win the match was to grab the urn from Undertakers longtime manager Paul Bearer. Paul Bearer turning on the Undertaker was a serious shocker and when he hit Taker in the head with the urn, The crowed was met with shock and silence. Seeing Taker being carried out by the Druids made many believe that it was the end of Taker as we know it.

5.Rowdy Piper Vs Goldust Hollywood Backlot Brawl
This was straight up one of the WILDEST matches I’ve ever seen in my life. Piper grew erratic with Goldust homophobic type innuendos and references throughout the past month prior to Mania so he gave Goldie a beating for him to remember him by. There had to be some real animosity between the two because Piper literally hit Goldust with some real blows thus breaking his hand in the process. I wish Piper didn’t have to strip Goldust down to his women underwear( Yes Women Underwear) but this proved the be the highlight of the night next to Warrior’s Return and the Iron Man match

4.Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar at Hell In the Cell
Everything about this feud clicked perfectly. You had one bad ass who quickly rose to fame within a 5 month span and became the top dog of the company due to his incredible athletic ability and enormous power. You also had another who was a seasoned veteran who spent over a decade protecting his yard. Next to Mankind, This was possibly Undertakers toughest foe to date. Lesnar was doing damage to Taker’s body while Paul Heyman was playing with Taker’s head by involving his family.

This match proved to be one of the most violent matches I’ve ever seen. They didn’t need to do anything fancy or go on the top of the cell to do anything drastic. The match played out like a straight up battle field. Lesnar may have gotten the W but he also gained respected for the Deadman and Vice versa

3. Team Austin Vs Team Bischoff at survivor Series 2003
This was a slept on gem by many and remains as one of my favorite matches of all time. It told a very believable story(If Austin team loses then he’s gone for good) A former real life rivalry between Bischoff and Austin, A chance for talent on both sides to really show what their made off and a Classic performance from a beatened and bloody Shawn Michaels who fought to the death to save Stone Cold’s career which was ironically “ended” in his home state of Texas. The Red hot crowd and Jim Ross’s emotional commentary really made this match stand out as possibly the greatest Survivor Series match ever.

2.Stone Cold Vs Rock Vs Triple H Vs Undertaker Vs Rakishi Vs Kurt Angle in a 6 Man Hell in a Cell match

You have 6 of the biggest names in the business going at it for the Gold in Satan’s playground. This match was chaos at every end of the spectrum which featured The Undertaker literally tossing Rakishi off the top of the hell in the cell into the a pickup truck thus making him “famous”.

1.Undertaker vs Mankind King of the Ring 98

No matter how many times you want to avoid it, You cannot be a wrestilng fan and not have this match in your top 3 or even top 5. Possibly the match that changed the direction of the WWE forever and proved that Mankind and Undertaker were possibly two of the most toughest human beings to walk this planet. Foley literally got tossed off cages, put through thumbtacks, beatened by steps and chairs along with having his tooth knocked in his nose.

I know alot of people gonna disagree with the list so the discussion is always open!

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