Eminem-The Eminem Show Review(Throwback Review)

Due to the Rampant Bootlegging of his new album, Eminem decided to push his release date up by a week and became the first album in years to be released on a Sunday. This was a very smart move by Eminem;s marketing team considering that the bootleg of this album has been everywhere for the past week. The Bootlegging has already plagued sales from many and Eminem wasnt having that. Its great news for some of his truest fans that they wouldn’t have to wait as long and not to mention that we also get a free DVD cd along with this album(what a great deal).

Eminem done came through with 2 great albums prior to this release and compared to his previous two, This is his most serious and personal album. One of My personal favorite track on the album has to be Cleanin Out My Closet where this time he airs out his qualms with his mother. Many people may complain about his redundant subject manner being that he talks about his mother on almost every track at least, This is the most personal He’s ever came at her as he explains the pain and anger his mother caused him and wants her to “burn in hell for the shit”. It was very disrespectful

White America is a bit too cheesy to many(thanks to the chourse) but the Rockish beat slams hard with Eminem’s style of flow go well with it nicely as he talks about the influence he had on White People and gives big fuck yous to Tipper Gore and Ms Chaney for trying to censor his Music.

Another thing You may notice is that Eminem’s targets this time aren’t as soft, Aside from Kris Kapatrick and Moby on the album’s first single Without Me, Eminem’s main targets on the album are G.W. Bush and Canibus, President Bush gets dissed numerous times on the album(surprisingly considering that everyone at the time were fresh off the 9-11 wave and were diehard patriots).Former Lyrical beast Canibus also gets hit up on Square Dance where he tells Bis to stop dick riding and lets shoot the fair one lyrically
Canibitch don’t want no beef with Slim NOOOOOOOOO!
Not even on my Radar
So would you please Jump off my Dick
Get off and Stay Off

If Canibus would have retalitated then it would have possibly been the greatest battle of all hip hop but thats for another subject
Eminem also comments on the current state of fucked up Hip Hop on the Batman influence Business where once again Eminem’s lyrics carry weight as he and Dre plays Hip Hop’s BatMan and Robin. The chourse is kinda of silly but the content is where he hits home and he feels that he’s hip hop’s savior.

Say What You Say is another Eminem/Dre Collabo where this time Dr Dre takes shots at Jermaine Dupri(Why didn’t he diss Suge while he was at it? The Dre beat is harder and better than the one he did for Business and Eminem also joins in the dissfest as he disses not only throw pokeshots at JD but also provoking Canibus again.

Till I Collapse and Sing for a Moment are two of my favorite tracks throughout Eminem show because you get to feel Eminem talk on these tracks with such form aggression. Till has this nice clap beat that sounds familar to Xzibits Chamber Muzik has Em deleivering one of his best lyrical performances on the album and possibly his career. Sing for a Moment which heavily samples Aerosmith’s Sing for a Moment breaks down the influence he feel he has on the youth with his music and why he feels he’s a voice for the youth.

The very bizarre My Dad’s Crazy where Eminem once again teams up with his daughter Halie is very strange and twisted. This track can pretty much catch heat considering he’s featuring his Daughter on this where hes doing alot of cursing and talks about blowing everything off the map except Afghanistan if George Bush continues to piss him off. Soldier also talks about his brushins with the law and goes sorta into detail of the pistol-whipping incident involving his wife.Say Goodbye Hollywood is where he goes further personal as he explains the pressure behind being famous and how things changed since he blew up.

Em also dedicates a whole track to his daughter on Halies Song where hes this time…. Singing. It’s not that bad either but I don’t find myself really going back listening to it too often. But overall This album was a bit more mature than the Slim Shady LP and the Marshall Mathers LP. The Slim Shady LP showcased more wit and humor, Marshall Mathers LP showcased more anger, rage and venom. The Eminem Show shows Eminem growing up more here with songs such as Say Goodbye Hollywood,Halies Song, and Sing for the Moment. Eminem would go on to own 2002 after this album.

Vic Rating: 8.5 Outta 10

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2 Responses to Eminem-The Eminem Show Review(Throwback Review)

  1. ES says:

    One of the best tapes from Shady. Nice review.

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