Hopsin Raw Review

I became pretty bored with hip hop at one point. The veterans were too busy trying to cosign every wack rapper under the sun so they can still eat, The same people within the DJ Khalid/Def Jam umbrella were getting radio play and 106 da Park is just a plain joke.

So I post up the Freshman class of 2012 on my facebook page and realized that most of the emcees on this cover looked corny or were just flat out wack. A couple of my friends on there told me “You need to check out Hopsin! Hopsin is sick!”

Ill Mind of Hopsin 4

Ill Mind of Hopsin 3

I go to his youtube page to check out some of his work and the first thing I noticed was his weird eye contacts. I was thinking he was probably just another gimmick. But when I heard the Ill Mind of Hopsin for the first time, It completely blew my mind!

Hopsin’s flow on here was ridiculous! Even though him rapping and dressing as a woman was a tad too much. Hopsin reminded me of when 50 and Eminem first came into the game. He was clearly inspired by them and seemed like the type judging by listening to Sag My Pants that he isn’t in the game to make friends or to be buddy buddy with fellow wack rappers.

Raw is my first introduction to Hopsin as a emcee. He’s young, angry about his Ruthless deal going up in smoke due to Tomica Wright and he let it be known on the track Kill Her(which he uses the Saw concept for his video) takes full aim at Eazy’s wife.

Kill Her

I Cant Decide

Hopsin continues to showcase humorous wit and a breath of fresh lyricism for the generation. Whereas many are focused on making club bangers and how much swag they have, Hopsin is taking it back to where lyricism should be a main focus. Even though there are times where the production need work, Hopsin nevertheless showcases full potential and his talent shines throughout. You can feel some of his anger, some of his hungriness and experiences that he went through felt throughout this album. Lets hope for his next project that he can get some heavy hitters

Vic Rating 7.0 outta 10

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