Promotion 101 for my People!

I just want to take this time to promote and plug some of my people who are either doing music, modeling, or books. The truth is theres ALOT of young, hungry talent out there that either lack exposure or connections. Well I’m gonna use my power to help these people reach the right audience with their talent in hoping that they can achieve their dreams.

This book here is from my friend Starr Intellectual, We’ve chopped it up on many occasions and you can find her steady dropping knowledge and good game on her blogs, her you tube channel and her Facebook page as well. For what to expect from this book. Heres some info:

“Transitions in this Physical Realm” is based on the life lessons and challenges of Starr Intellectual. From the time she was a child she was drawn into the deeper meaning of life in the mist of abuse, religion, and many other changes within her environment. She developed a clear comprehension of the triumphs and uses them as lessons and scenarios to lecture from. She lecture about the flaws of religion, lectures on knowledge and wisdom, the ego, and ways to find peace and comfort from within by taking responsibility for personal and spiritual development.

For more information on where you can get her book, Go to

or send her a friend request personally at

The book is very unique and insightful!

Anais Lauren, is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Chicago, IL. Anais has always had a passion for music even at a young age when she began singing in school performances and continued on into her high school years performing in choirs, etc. After High School she began writing lyrics and creating her own songs while being inspired by other singer/songwriters such as Mariah Carey ,Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse & Alicia Keys. Her writing style incorporates R&B soul with an urban Hip-hop influence. Currently, Anais has just released her first mixtape titled “The Beauty and The Beat” Her gift for storytelling ranges from the streets all the way into the bedroom under the sheets. Meet the new breed of singer/songwriter your ears have been longing for. If Anais has her way, you ears are in for a joy ride.

After working and grinding for a long period, My friend Anais finally got her mixtape finished. The mixtape showcases her experimenting with different styles showcasing her versatility. I’ve heard her sing and remake some songs on her youtube page and it caught my eye.

1.Tatted Up
3.Might as Well
4.Right One
5.Ching Ching
6.Neva Better Featuring Henny B
7.A Million Dollars
8.I Can Be
9.Quickie Remix

The Beauty and the Beat is up for download and definitely worth checking out!

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One Response to Promotion 101 for my People!

  1. mysoremap says:

    It is real amazing to watch the talent of this person. Watch the way he climbs the Wall and Pillars, You will be AMAZED !!!

    Kindly Share and Support

    Best Regards,

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