WWE’s most brutal matches 20-10(Chosen by Vic)

Let me be made clear of the meaning behind this post. This isn’t to judge classic wrestling matches or scientific classics. This is to list 20 of the most brutal, bloody and at the time most violent encounters from the WWE. Theres gonna be matches here that were brutal wrestling encounters that didn’t include any weapons but still felt you was witnessing a war. So heres part one!

20. Eddie Guerrero Vs JBL at Judgement Day 2004

This may go down as one of the bloodiest battles I’ve ever seen. The two had a great chemistry and JBL’s new conservative/borderline racist gimmick was breathing newfound life into his career. He was a successful tag team with Ron Simmons as the APA for years and many didn’t think he had what it takes to be a serious heel. This feud with Guerrero cemented his spot as a legit heel. The two would engage in wars throughout the summer of 2004 but it was this match that stands out today due to the sickening chair shot JBL gave Eddy.

19. The Rock Vs Mankind I Quit match at Royal Rumble 1999

This was just a flat-out ass kicking here. This was also showed that underneath all of the flash and smiles that The Rock can be vicious as they come and he showed it here by literally bashing Mick Foley’s head in 15 TIMES in the head with a steel chair. I’m surprised Mick actually lived after this.

18. Chris Benoit Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Benoit was really banged up around this time. He had neck injuries and rib injuries all over but he still showed how truly gutsy he was by busting his ass day in and day out Steve needed some serious heel heat because his heel turn was lacking and people didn’t want to boo him. He got his chance in Benoit’s hometown and the two put up what could have been a match of the year candidate. Benoit’s 10 suplexes on Steve was unheard of and unreal. It’s a shame that this match may not be shown ever again on DVDs due to Benoit’s incident.

17. Kurt Angle Vs Shane McMahon

This looked like a total mismatch on paper but soon as the bell rang, These two clicked automatically and surprisingly stole the show. Shane McMahon was also underrated as a worker and could sell better than most wrestlers today. Kurt Angle was seriously peaking as a major player in the WWE as well and this match had a mixture of everything that the hardcore wrestling fan would love.

16.Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena at Backlash

This match had big fight feel written all over it. Brock Lesnar came to the ring with his MMA trunk as the ass kicking monster that many knew he could be and Cena went in there as the man with a point to prove and so desperate to get a win after being in a slump. Lesnar gave Cena one of the worst beatings Ive ever witness but John prevails at the end by getting an unpredictable win. Many don’t like how the match ended but both did their thing on this match.

15.The Dudleys Vs Edge and Christan Vs The Hardy Boyz TLC 2

Their first match in Wrestlemania was epic but this one here went to the next level in terms of brutality. All 3 teams deserve respect for even going through this match.

14.Bret Hart vs Davey Boy Smith at In Your House 95

This match is heavily underrated. The Bulldog’s heel push was catching alot of steam with the fans. He had aligned himself with Jim Cornette, Owen Hart, and Yokozuna which at the time was a serious trio. The main story was who was Bret Hart’s sister Diana(Who was married to Davey) gonna side with? Her Brother or Her husband? She suprised many when she sided with Davey which further made the feud more interesting.

Bret wanted his W back from Davey anyone considering Davey beat him fair and square during their first bout in 92. This match was possibly more brutal than their first. It had a great mixture of scientifical wrestling and intense brawling along with bloodshed from Hart. Definitely a hidden gem.

13.Bret Hart Vs Stone Cold Vs Vader Vs Undertaker Fatal Four Way at In Your House

This was one of the first occasions where the WWF/WWE would do four way dances(A gimmick match made famous by ECW which pitted 4 of the company’s biggest heavy hitters in one match). The original plan was HBK(As advertised) to be in this match but dude was using his power stroke to fake a injury and backed out of this match.

Vader went ahead and replaced him so it didn’t really take much away from the match. If anything it seemed to to come out more heavy hitting when involving a smash mouth like Vader. This match was everything except lackluster. Stone Cold twisted his leg and Vader caught a mean shot to the eye from the steel steps busting his face open. The WWE need to put this match in a set one day.

12.Steve Austin Vs Kurt Angle SummerSlam 2001.

Probably one of the best matches of 2001. Very underated as well.This match here had Austin playing the reckless cowardly heel. It was sorta of strange still seeing Austin playing a chicken shit role considering they spent years building his brand as a blue-collar stand up take no prisoners man but he was talented enough to actually pull it off. Kurt Angle was the never give up baby face and they really clicked in the ring. Theres also elements from the Hart/Austin I Quit match featured here as well.

11.Shawn Michaels Vs Triple H Summerslam 2002

This has to be one of the most epic moments in wrestling. HBK was out of commission with a really bad back and was forced to retire. During that time his buddy Triple H emerged to become a serious player in the business so them having a history together gave their match serious interest. This match featured everything from blood, ladders, tables, chairs, trash cans, You name it and the crowd was into every moment of it.

10. Edge Vs Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22

It seems that in order for a wrestler to get his hardcore stripes that they have to go through Mick Foley first. Edge didn’t respect Mick Foley and thought he was becoming too much of a muppet. Well its safe to say that after this barbaric match that Edge not only respected him but he made him his TAG PARTNER shortly after.

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  1. nawajul says:

    awsme match between john cena and undertaker

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