Should John Cena turn Heel? The answer is NO

Should John Cena turn Heel? The answer is no.

Alot of people maybe surprised when I really say this but I actually have alot of respect for John Cena. Yes his character has gotten corny over the years. Yes his promos have been some of the worst I’ve ever heard and Yes him beating everybody under the sun gets on people nerves including mines. But one thing you can’t take away from John is the fact that he is passionate about Professional Wrestling and loves what he does. He hasn’t used any of his power or stroke like Hogan, Michaels and many others to supress alot of talent to keep himself on top.

He went against some of the most rapid crowds that any wrestler had to go against(Mainly that ECW One Night Stand crowd) and did his job. He’s also had great matches with many great wrestlers and held his own despite being limited in compared to many. He’s came a long way from his debut and doesn’t mind doing the job when he has too. Would a heel turn for Cena work? As of now no and Ill explain to you why:

#1. Theres no serious baby face

Every legitimate villain need a perfectly cool baby face to challenge them. It’s always been like that since the beginning and it will continue to be that way until the doors of Titan decide to close. The problem with the WWE today is that they have no serious baby face within the roster that can match up with Cena or give him a fresh matchup. How many times are we gonna see Cena/Orton? Cena and Punk would be great but Punk even though he’s the man right now isn’t still really over the hump into superstar status like Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock just yet. Daniel Bryan could be someone if turning face that can give Cena some very good matchups and a fresh feud but being that he’s a heel himself, Thats out of question for now. So until the WWE can build up a serious babyface that can benefit off Cena’s heel heat or make you want to get behind him to where you wanted to see this guy kick Cena’s ass, It’s not gonna work. Cena needs somebody like Rock thats gonna bring the best out of him whenever it be promos because whenever you want to admit it or not, Cena has cut his best promos in years working with Rock.

#2. The unpredictable but shaky booking
The WWE had an interesting concept of Cena finally “embracing the hate” and it looked like the smart wise thing to do was to plant the seeds for a Cena heel turn. It would have started in Survivor Series 2011 where he was getting booed out of Madison Square Garden and treated like a chump by The Rock. The boo’s would continue to pour and the people who once loved John for his heroics were now despising them. Rowdy Piper did a segment addressing John about the turn of events and Kane was even trying to make Cena embrace the hate by slowly turning heel. They even had John literally kiss his best friends woman in front of him which could have further built serious momentum.

The perfect way to really execute this heel turn would be on Wrestlemania 28 after his match with the Rock. Cena being frustrated with the boos and losses over the past month would eventually snap and destroy the Rock in front of his home crowd. It would be something similar to Stone Cold destroying The Rock in Wrestlemania 17. It would have seriously caught fire with the fans and Cena’s character would have been resurged over night because The Rock would not only be a hometown hero but he’s also a heavy fan favorite so that would have been a perfect way to start off the new attitude and era for Cena.

But instead the WWE themselves got scared and played it safe. They had Cena beat Kane in typical predictable fashion at Elimination Chamber, They then had him along with the Rock engage in possibly one of the worst buildups in Wrestlemania history. Instead of back and forth brawls along with chaos mixed in with crazy interviews like we have been blessed with in the past, We got subjected to nothing but trash talk along with karaoke and concerts. Luckly for the WWE however the Rock and Cena were big enough draws to secure a successful Buyrate for this years Wrestlemania. The buildup still for what was a once in a lifetime match was lukewarm to say the least. The buildup was there, the opportunity to make a drastic change was presented but instead they played it safe.

#3.He’s too far gone

Cena right now is too far gone to turn back into full heel mode. The feud with Brock Lesnar and now with John Laurentius pretty much deaded any idea of Cena possibly turning on his fans or the little jimmys that stood by him. With him doing all of these role model like promos during his buildup with Mania along with visiting sick kids for the Make a Wish Foundation. It would be a very bad look for the WWE to turn Cena into a full fledge bad guy at this moment. It would be entertaining for us fans to watch but if you look at it from the WWE prospective, It’s too much of a risk. Cena is still their top draw, His merchandise are still top sellers and I seriously doubt that his merchandise would seriously make them money if he turned heel at this moment. He’s in a different position than Hulk Hogan was in 1996. Hogan was able to stay gone for months, make his surprise return and turn heel like that resurrecting his career for a new genreration of fans. Cena on the other hand due to the WWE limited drawing pool can’t do that or can’t stay gone for too long like many would want him to do so that puts a damper in alot of plans of really pulling this off.

I like the direction that the WWE is taking though. Ever since Punks revolutionary shoot interview last year. It seemed as if they’re getting away from that corny ass PG kiddy crap that was dominant throughout 2009-2010 which alienated their true core for a long time. Cena’s promos are more edgier than before but what people got to realize that the WWE is a share holding company now. Their not gonna push those serious limits or buttons like they did in the 90s because McMahon has bosses and shareholders to answer too. This is one of the reasons why their playing it safe with Cena. Long as Cena keeps making the shareholders money, Things will remain the same in terms of his character. Give Cena the right opponents for the time being and he’ll still be tolerable until they can find a way to rebuild a possible heel turn for the future.

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