Can Lebron James FINALLY win the big one?

Can Lebron James finally win the BIG ONE?

This has been the question that been haunting Lebron James entire career. From the day he was named as the chosen one and drafted as a first round pick for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, Lebron was groomed as possibly the next bring thing to come into the NBA since Michael Jordan. People can say whatever they want about Lebron’s character. Some feel he’s arrogant, many feel he’s cocky but one thing you can’t deny and even Skip Bayless whom is his biggest hater would tell you is that he has SUPREME basketball talent.

The Cleveland Cavaliers before Lebron James was on the verge of fading into pure obscurity. Ever since Michael Jordan put a dagger into their playoff hopes in 1990, It seems that the City of Cleveland been dealt one heavy blow after another in every franchise in the state of Ohio. Lebron was looked upon as their savior and even though he was young, inexperienced and at the times immature. With the right coaching, guidance, and development. There was a high chance that he would maybe be one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Putting Cleveland on the Map

Within Seven years Lebron turned what was considered a ghost town in the NBA into a monumental money-maker for Cleveland. The City of Cleveland stood behind Lebron despite his short comings over the years and him not being able to get it done. He took Cleveland into its first finals appearance in 2 decades in 2007 which was pretty impressive considering Lebron was only a 4 year veteran. Even though Cleveland got swept within 4 games, It was gonna be ok because he was in the developing stages and will soon eventually bring them a championship as he promised. He promised that he would win the city of Cleveland a championship and the City held on to those very words that eventually that Lebron was gonna be the one that will break the curse.

The promise that Lebron made Cleveland would shortly be broken after his horrendous two playoff games against Boston in 2010. Many felt that Lebron threw the game on purpose, That he was pressured by the big leagues to throw the game, That Delonte West sleeping with Lebron’s mother was a huge distraction for those two games or Lebron’s injury to his elbow was a key factor. Whatever the case it was, It confirmed two things :1.Lebron was possibly on his way out of Cleveland. 2. Those two games were the lowest of lows for his career.

Taking his talents to South Beach

When Lebron suprisingly made his decision to join the Miami Heat, It was met with such negatlive backlash. Broken hearted and angry Cleveland fans expressed their anger by burning Lebron jersey’s T-shirts, tearing down signs, spitting on his posters and vocaling their total disgust for whom they felt was a traitor. The City of Cleveland felt that Lebron ripped their hearts in half, stomped on the ground and left them with nothing. The bitter hatred for Lebron from the City of Cleveland would follow throughout the whole 2010-2011 season and would make him along with the addition of Chris Bosh as the NBA’s most hated Team.

It seemed that Lebron’s surprising addition would mean major adjustments to the Miami Heat organziation. They had such little time to get their plays and strategies together or to find ways to rotate between the premier scorers Dwayne Wade and Lebron. This was after all Dwayne Wade’s team and Lebron had to possibly adapt to being more of the facilitator than being the leading scorer putting up 30 a night like he was when he was with Cleveland. It was a major adjustment which led to the 2010-2011 having its share of ups and downs. The super team wasn’t clicking like many expected, Lebron was battling his own fair share of critics calling him a sellout and claiming this was the worst decision he made.

Dissapointment in the Finals

The Heat despite having a good record didn’t measure up to the standards that was set considering the talent pool on the roster. You would think with 3 premier scorers that they would have almost 100 plus point nights. But what people don’t understand also is that Lebron’s latest addition was a surprise considering he kept the decision to himself for months. Nobody knew where he was gonna go so every team who was eligible to pick him up from free agency had to possibly adjust to him coming aboard. The Heats record was pretty impressive considering the late adjustments but it wasn’t enough to win a title as they would fail to win the chip in 2011 losing to the Dallas Mavericks shockingly. Ironically Lebron played the same way if not worse than he did the previous year in the final 2 games which lead to critics including his main arch nemesis Skip Bayless to continue poking fun of him by labeling him as “Lebrick” or “Le choke”. It was gonna be a rough summer and the Heat knew that they had to make some major adjustments.

Does he have what it takes?

The question in everybodys mind now is does Lebron have the killer instinct to win the big one? My feelings are at this point of his career if he doesn’t develop one by now then he better find ways to do it because at this point there is no excuses. If he doesn’t get it done then its gonna really chip away his confidence and his ego to the point where people would see him as nothing more than another Charles Barkley: Big time talent but no rings. But considering that Barkley had to play in possibly one of the most aggressive eras in the NBA, He somewhat gets a pass. The NBA today is like Disneyland compared to what the boys in the 80s and the 90s had to play with.

Lebron has switched teams, He has more help with Wade, and Bosh, He’s still one of the most supreme talents in the NBA and when the Heat is healthy they are a serious force to beat so there should be no stopping him now. If he can also get rid of this phobia that he seems to have in taking big shots during games then he will eventually develop serious confidence to come through when his team needs him too. Kobe love him or hate him has a killer instinct meaning that if he has too, He will take over a game and shoot the big shot, Michael Jordan had it, Larry Bird had it, Magic had it,. Even Dwayne Wade has it because he’s willing to take the shot when it counts.

So if the Heat is gonna win the 2011-2012 Championship. Lebron has to wake up and become THE MAN.. He has to be the one to step up to the plate, take the big shots and be aggressive when he has too. He has more to lose than anybody in the league right now considering the hype and moniker that was given to him before he stepped into the league. The Heat with Bosh out are looking like underdogs so Lebron has to show up as “The Chosen One” and not “Lebrick” Can the Heat do it this year? We shall see in the weeks to come!

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    can i use the Lebron powder photo for my up coming magazine sports loop and will give you photo courtesy

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