Scarface’s Influence on Hip Hop

Scarface may be one of the most influential movies in not only hip hop music but also in American Culture. The fascination with a Cuban Immigrant blowing up with his own empire is a true rags to riches to story and many within hip hop can relate to it.

I remember when I first seen Scarface as a shortly at 9 years old and I didn’t understand the true concept of the movie until the older. It was the film’s violence along with Tony Montana’s flamboyant, take no prisoners character that really drew me to the movie. Especially the shootout scene at club Babylon along with the chainsaw scene. It was very extreme for me to watch at that time lol.

The Film caught alot of flack from Hollywood for being too violent, too mindless, or the lack of serious acting on Pacino’s part(Especially in the end where he was still standing after taking 40 bullets) The streets embraced Scarface as a monumental classic that shook up hoods across the country.

Since the films release. There have been songs and beats sampled from the movie that have sampled the movie or took portions from the soundtrack. So heres a list of songs that have been sampled from the movie and soundtrack alike. You can hear the Scarface influence heavily on the majority of hip hop music that came from that era. Even classic albums such as Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Scarface’s Mr Scarface, JayZ’s Reasonable Doubt, Nas’s Illmatic, Mobb Deep Murda Muzik along with these songs below were heavily influenced by the movie

Today the movie Scarface has become a phenomenon in American culture. Crossing over into fashion, video games, toys, and being heavily influential on how american gangster movies are formated. Many people may only pay attention to the violence and the crazy stuff in the movie but if you really watch the movie, You may catch things you didn’t know or learn before. It also serves as a message that the Bad Guy doesn’t always survive in the end and that theres consequences in the deadly dope game.

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2 Responses to Scarface’s Influence on Hip Hop

  1. Tone Montana says:

    writer of scarface Oliver Stone done a gret movie. Scarface one of my favorite movies of all time
    Fuck the reboot of the 1983 classic.

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