Prodigy My Infamous Life Review

When I first heard of Prodigy coming out with his autobiography, I thought it would be a very interesting read and I was also led to believe that he was gonna paint himself as this super tough, thug macho guy that has pretty much shot, stabbed, killed, and beatup anybody and everybody that has come his way.

I’ve read excerpts from the book and I know some of the stuff that he’s writing about is gonna make people VERY angry. Especially the stuff he’s said about Saigon, Keith Murray, Capone being a snitch, and Murder Inc. But soon as I opened up the book and read the first few chapters. It was way different from I imagined.

In the beginning of the book, You get to read Prodigy withheld his childhood, his battle with Sickle Cell enema, how he met Havoc through high school and him coming up in the mean and wild New York street life. You also find out some interesting things that P revealed that you wouldn’t have known like him being real active in his Grandmother’s tap dancing school, him feeling suicidal and almost killing himself, His debut on the Boyz in the hood Soundtrack and him moving to Queensbridge for the first time and how Nas wasn’t too fond of him at first.

When Prodigy goes into Mobb Deep’s career between albums and length period is where the stories and controversy starts to allude. Prodigy goes into deep detail on his beefs(his point of view) with Tupac, Tha Dogg Pound, JayZ, Nas, CNN, and others. He paints his feelings of his adversaries in a very negative light which leads to many may feeling an ill sort of way.

Whats also interesting about Prodigy’s Infamous life book is how he explains his creative process for writing his best material and what inspired him to write some of his most scathing verses. Him claiming that the teachings of Dr York influencing his rhymes on Hell on Earth is very enlightening to read.

Throughout the book he covers his most violent encounters with other artists, the wild parties, his relationship with Kiki(his girlfriend) his feelings about signing with G-Unit and how he regrets signing with them even though he felt 50 was a good brother to him. He broke down the book within album titles and foretells what he was doing during the creation process of those albums. It gives the book a organized outlook.

I find P talking about mind control and conspiracies as a most educational aspect of the book as he balances the tough talk with a bit of knowledge here and there. He also sheds light on his feelings behind losing his best friends Killer Black(Who’s Hav’s brother) and E-Money bags which gives the book a very sentimental feel.

Other Parts of the book is also broken up with P sheding some insight of him doing his time in prison and why he felt he was gonna break up Mobb Deep because he didn’t hear from Havoc except once. Nobody really knew that Mobb Deep was on the verge of breaking up until P revealed it in this book.

There are some incidents where it may be far-fetched and Prodigy seemed to be talking out of his ass(Like him claiming he “allowed” JayZ to walk out of Justin’s, Tupac making up the beef with Bad Boy for record sales, Making Saigon like a Mobb Deep Groupie, and the situation with Keith Murray)

My Infamous Life is a very enlightening, entertaining and intelligent read. P really surprised me as a magnificent writer for this novel and even though he may have to wear a vest or watch his back whenever he walks through QB or NY because he’s gonna REALLY make people upset with him. This book is a great add if you’re not only a fan of Mobb Deep but Hip Hop as well

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