AlleyBoy Nigganati Review

Since T.I. went mainstream, Jeezy going mainstream, and Gucci doing songs with V Nasty trying to save whats left of his career. It seemed that the A didn’t have anybody to deliver what Alley Boy would call that “Gutta talk” Alley Boy been around for quite a minute between dropping mixtapes expressing the sordid street life of the A and his struggles. I wasn’t familiar with dude until I learned that it was his gang that beat up Yung LA for getting their trademark Duct Tape Tattoo on his face and him claiming that anybody that wants to shoot videos in Atlanta would have to see him.

Alley Boy been serving the streets his mixtapes with full of alot of ignorant gun talk, drug tales and the typical gangster shit that We heard many times before which led me to think he’s no different from the rest. But it wasn’t until that I heard the Nigganati Intro where he sampled the likes of Malcom X, Huey Newton and other black figures is where I realized that dude may have more to offer.

The Nigganti mixtape has Alley Boy speaking with them mentality of a street cat with more of an awareness with whats going on with the world and that he’s not as stupid as many feel he may portray himself through his videos glorifying or at times exploiting the street life.

But you can tell by the way Alley raps on these tracks that he’s actually lived and breathed what he talking about. authenticity in hip hop takes an artist far and in Alley’s case it may be his biggest asset because you can actually feel his struggle between trying to stay in the street life or ride for his people. For every song he has talking about gunplay(I Say), Paying homage to his City(My City) He has a song where he shows he’s trying to fight for hope(Chasin the Light)

He speaks about his struggles with trusting fake friends(Aint Loyal), His admitingly guilty pleasures about being in the dope game(Guilty) and his willingness to ride on his enemies on Whats Goin on which he samples the late Tupac Shakur.

Alley made it clear from the gate that he isn’t in the game to make friends. On the Track I Want In, He takes shots at the current kings of the A T.I. and Young Jeezy demanding that he want in on the action. The Track is causing enough of a buzz to really get his name out there.

Theres some songs on here that were weak and we wish we can hear more of Alley’s introspective cuts but what people gotta realize that Alley’s music isn’t geared towards the “real hip hop pursuits” or your average skinny jeans wearing listener. His music is aimed to the streets and you can tell with Nigganati that he’s moving steps forward away from the Trap.

Vic Review: 7.0 Outta 10

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