DJ Muggs VS Planet Asia Pain Language Review

Continuing with the Vs____Concept. Muggs is taking it back to the essence of hip hop where all was needed was one emcee and one producer doing a whole album. Muggs could have went and gave his sick tunes to any of these popular rappers out there but he instead wants to give his tracks to underrated and hungry rappers who rarely get shine in the first place.

West Coast underground emcee Planet Asia is the next rapper that Muggs chose to work with. Asia has always been a solid emcee but never got the recognition he deserved nor has he had the producer to really bring the best out of him. Well all of that changed on Pain Language.

From the first street single 9MM. Asia came through swinging for the fences. This track represents the enitre flow of the album. Hard hitting lyricism mixed with nostalgic boom bap style production.

The Production on this album is superb and Muggs seem to have gotten better within every album. Planet Asia really brought his A game on this album. The album’s whole flow has a similar Wu Tang/Mobb Deep feel to it. It’s that format that die-hard hip hoppers whom been spoofed watered down pop influence tracks passed as hip hop been awaiting.

Pain Language, Sleeper Cell, and Black Mask Men proves that Asia maybe ready for the prime time and should be takened more seriously as a contender out west. My personal favorite track is Lions of the Forest which features Cypress Hill breathern B Real reuniting with Muggs. Alot of people don’t like B Real because of his squeaky voice flow but dude is a dope lyricist and he did this track some justice. Its Asia that shines more here

The Guest appearances from Killah Priest, Sick Jacken, GZA, and the Soul Assassins family do the album further justice on songs such as Triple Threat, Black Angels and Deadly Blades but they don’t take too much focus off the album’s main emcee and thats Planet Asia. Pain Language proved two things for sure. That DJ Muggs is possibly a top 10 hip hop producer and that Planet Asia maybe ready for the crunch time.

Vic Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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