Was Whitney Houston MURDERED?

Whitney Houston’s death on February 11th 2012 sent shock waves throughout the entire world. Many whom were to have thought that She had fallen back into her habits and eventually Od’ed which led to her death. I for one find too many things suspicious about Whitney’s death. Conspiracy theorists have been running rampant with linking Houston to a possible blood sacrifice. Now these are MY views and my speculations of what could have possibly led to Whtiney being a sacrifice to the Industry and I’m gonna break down some key factors:

1.Preperation for the Sacrifice

Bathtub’s are used by the powers as a term of being re-born or in many cases sacrificed. An example of this is the late actress Britney Murphy whom died similar to Whitney Houston back in 2009. While many may say prescription drugs, pills and other over the counter drugs come to play, It may have seemed that Murphy either seen her death or the industry plotted it as she would be found dead in a bathtub(which is used for rituals) in the movie Deadline. What even makes Murphy’s case more bizarre is her widower Simon Monjack was found dead in his hotel a year later.

The Bathtub Sacrifice is a high possibility because ironically Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina ALMOST drowned in a bathtub the night before Whitney’s death which gives strength to my case. Somebody was there to either sacrifice Bobbi Kristina or Whitney which they eventually did. very eerie:


2.Clive Davis

Clive Davis is a VERY powerful man. Possibly one of the most powerful within the industry. The track record speaks for it self. When he started Arista, He signed pretty much every major black act he can find. Everybody from At Arista, Davis signed Patti Smith, The Outlaws, Eric Carmen, Exposé, Ace of Base, Air Supply, Dionne Warwick, Ray Parker and Raydio, Aretha Franklin, and Alicia Keys, He gave Puffy his first break to start-up Bad Boy but he hit the jackpot when he finally discovered Whitney Houston.

Clive was astonished by Houston’s amazing singing ability and her Miss American sweetheart look so he jumped on the opportunity to make Whitney into a mega star which benefited her but benefited him twice as much and made his net worth close to 800 MILLION dollars.

Whitney just like many started to see strange sinister happenings in this bizarro industry and addressed what she witnessed or the demons she was battling during her 2002 Interview with Diane Sawyer. Whitney at times looked uneasy, uncomfortable and at many times cautious within every word she spoke and even spoke that she herself was possessed with an inner devil whom was controlling her:

What people also didn’t acknowledge was that she mentioned her fallout with Clive Davis and a possible plot to have her killed during this interview. She let out alot of Industry secrets during this interview which led her being a target and they used her weakness and her past addictions to bring down her character so the people wouldn’t take what she said seriously.

3.Her Catalogue.

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, His Catalogue and stock made Sony BILLIONS over night. If you learned from the deaths of Tupac and Biggie that alot of artists catalogue and music are more valued when their dead than alive.The Music Industry been struggling for the past 5 years in generating revenue. The new pop acts that their signing aren’t maintaining star power or really leaving footprints into the game or making the industry long bread like Michael and Whitney did in their prime so they find ways to bring their character down and then plot to kill them thus making them close to billionares and keeping ownership of their music. Unexpected deaths lead to rise in record sales and Whitney was the latest her sales SKYROCKETED since her death

Whitney started becoming more wild and reckless which led Clive to stop really promoting her but as time went on and her value being alive started to devalue her catalogue so theres a possibility that there was a hidden plot to get Whitney’s catalogue so they can own her music. Ownership and Publishing are the key elements that an artist MUST HAVE in order to survive.

4.Bobby Brown ruining their plans for Whitney?

Just like Michael was getting too out of control and too powerful so they had to find a way to dirty up his image, The same thing with Whitney Houston. Clive Davis pretty much had her career aligned up and they even tried to put her with Kevin Costner to give Whitney’s career that storybook fantasy of her having a white prince(Which was Costner) as her savior like in the movie the Bodyguard. The movie had already grossed millions along with the soundtrack so the two becoming a compatible pair would have been perfect in the making for not only Costners career(It would give him that black audience) but also Whitney as she would be booked as America’s sweetheart who found her prince.

But when Whitney met Bobby Brown and married him is when things started to really change and You could see that they were reluctant in getting behind Whitney like they were before. Her marrying Bobby Brown they felt devalued her stock and made her look more hood than perfect. Hooking up with Whitney had Whitney being herself for the first time in a long time, She would act a fool, cuss out interviewers and show her strong personality throughout many interviews that she wasn’t weak. The marriage with Bobby Brown rubbed many the wrong way to this day.

5.Was a sacrifice already planned?

The Music industry been seemingly more than ever going through a demonic stage. Throughout the years we’ve seen artist such as Beyonce, JayZ, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne and many others throw up symbols, wear logos, or hand gestures that were rumored to ode to Satan or showed that they were apart of the secret devil worshipping society. Weeks before you can see Madonna at the Super Bowl dressed like Babylon the great whore during her Super Bowl performance. Showcasing evil in more forms than one.

You can also throw in the quite weird and disturbing notion that Clive Davis threw a party in the same exact Hotel Room where they had just found Whitney Houston’s body cold and dead in the other room as another indication that they had planned this all along and they were celebrating Whitney’s passing.

Ironically enough Clive did an interview days prior giving a hint that the industry is trying to do away old school artist and need to focus more on the newer talent. Jennifer Hudson was with him during this interview and she been groomed to take Whitney’s spot for a long time. Oddly enough She performed Houston’s peaking single I Will Always Love you at the Grammy’s. A tribute or a hint that she’s replacing Houston as the new soulstress of R&B by Clive Davis? Mix that with some of the most bizarre performances to date(Nick Minaji’s exorcism performance) and you have room for many clues.

6.Did Whitney See her death?
Days before her death, You could find a clip of Whitney giving Brandy a letter. When Brandy opened the letter, She had this very weird but surprised look on her face and seemed dumbfounded. There were also a video clip of her singing a song called Jesus loves me unexpected with her friend Kelly Price. Either she knew there was a plot or she was prepared to die. The crazy thing about this is that she died on BRANDY’S BIRTHDAY

7.The Autopsy

What really led me to believe Whitney was killed was the fact that her autopsy revealed that she had missing teeth, scars, scratches, and that she was found in the tub FACE DOWN. The media wants to claim she OD’ed to lead us to stop using our heads but this shows that somebody was possibly in the room with her that night and they had a struggle or a fight which led to her being drowned by this person. They threw the drugs in the room as to make it believable that Whitney went back to her old habits and OD’ed. The cover up been done before, Most recently admitted by Katt Stacks who claimed that she was used as an agent by World Star to frame Soulja Boy by putting fake lines of Cocaine in his room so she can in return get fame, fortune and a book deal.

If they did find Cocaine in her blood, Theres a possible chance that the injected it in her blood after killing her to make us believe that she fell back into her demons, she got high, she ODed, she died, the end. Injection of drugs and diseases is highly possible, It happened to Eazy E.

8.The Verdict:
Let me clear this up. IM NOT claiming that all of this is true but alot of this stuff isn’t adding up the way people want us to accept it. When you break down the facts that her daughter almost drowned the same way(Bathtub ritual), The Catalogue, A greedy CEO who’s losing millions by the year(Clive Davis), Whitney’s words of seeing demons and devils, Bobby Brown’s impact used as a smokescreen, Her autopsy reports, and Whitney’s bizarre last days. You have to really wonder did she really OD or was she a sacrifice to the Industry?

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26 Responses to Was Whitney Houston MURDERED?

  1. Rob Lear says:

    Interesting theory. Often the first mind is correct. I too thought something wasn’t right. In fact, I “knew” something wasn’t right. Not only did I go off, but I refused to watch the Grammys the next day I was so pissed off. Especially after hearing what music industry insiders were saying online. They wrote it all down. How do I know they were music industry insiders? Because only industry insiders would know the things that were said. It was so bad I stated that “I would not be buying any more music.” I frankly said that the music industry is “EVIL.” Because it is.

    Yes, I believe Whitney was worth more dead than alive. She had not completed all of her
    contractual projects, and there was a chance that she would not have even if she had lived. So yeah, it is highly possible that they killed her. Think about it. It isn’t possible for an adult of average height to drown face down in a standard size bath tub.

    Another thing that bothers me is, why would the industry continue with the pre-grammy party?
    That doesn’t make any sense. I mean, nothing ruins a party like death, right? If you had a house party, and a guest had a heart attack and dropped dead, wouldn’t that end the party? Or, would you just say “oh well, another one bites the dust, turn the music back on when the ambulance leaves.” No, you couldn’t do that even if you wanted to. Why? Because, dead body. The cops come, a fire truck probably comes too, along with an ambulance. I don’t think the coroner is radio dispatched. Someone probably has to confirm that the body is dead first. In other words, paperwork. Right! Especially if the body is famous!

    The question then is, “HOW do you continue to have a party unless the above was planned?” And I don’t buy that they partied to celebrate her passing. That’s horseshit. I would buy that they partied because her death would increase record sales, and also more people would watch the grammys. Did the industry care about Whitney? Obviously NOT. What did they say? Basically they said, “don’t weep for her, she was a crackhead.” They told on themselves. They expected to have pulled off the “perfect murder.” They could not understand that fans were highly upset. Fans were led to think “she was a crackhead, good riddance.” Which leads me to believe the music industry executives were smoking crack themselves.

    The fact is, Tupacs death was suspicious, Biggies death was suspicious, Michaels death was suspicious, and now Whitneys death was suspicious = “I am not buying any more records.”

    • escobar300 says:

      Rob Im glad to see that you’re just as openminded about this as I am and not just taking everything at face value because theres too many questions for this to be just a simple “drug overdose”. Great post and very informative at that.

      • Rob Lear says:

        Escobar, the illuminati is desperate. They are falling apart and dying out. They have finally realized that they are “not creative.” That’s what they said when they tried to recruit me. We are fighting like hell. I am not sure I know how I feel about the “press release” I posted on Facebook last night. I am not sure how I feel period. I think I am stuck in combat mode. Very unhealthy.

        Whitney needed help just like I need help. All I have is God. They even tried to take that away from me. Not happening. Instead, they are now in their worst nightmare scenario. And it can get even worse. They respond with “illuminati quasi legal mumbo jumbo.” Get that bullshit out of here. Sometimes you have to take a stand. The illuminati is just another gang to me. That’s all they are….

  2. Di says:

    I was a fan of Whitney Houston and I had the same thoughts as to how she died and why she had to die. Her so called friends have done very strange things to achieve power and fame. But one thing they must remember, is that the same demons will come after them when they have had enough of them. Their deaths will probably be worse than Ms Whitney Houston. What a lady with a natural talent to sing. She sang from her heart with such ease and no other female artist can compete with music that is sung from the heart. She sang every song with such meaning and appeal and what a perfectionist. Pity she allowed herself to live in the world of the music industry. She would have done an excellent job singing to the glory of Jesus Christ whom is said she loved.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Whitney I strongly believe was murdered…we will never know the truth. Her mother and family knows what happened but silence may give one life….who will be the next one…The world is not that blind to truth..

  4. oooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggg

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Theres a high possiblity of this occuring. The Industry is evil

      • vigilante says:

        Artists and actors are coerced to sell their soul to get the fame. They probably don’t believe it’s real because no one talks about it, or warns you even if you attend church. Everyone is fair game for deception because people don’t care enough to warn others. A retiree friend got a weird letter that they could have all the money, personal items they wanted and all they had to do was sign their name to the letter and mail it in. It seemed like a contract with evil intent. He said I don’t have to do anything and postage is paid. Should I send it in he asked me? I said no it’s evil. I tore it up. I wanted to show everyone that letter but I’m afraid people I know would want a copy and sign it. They don’t believe in anything. Kurt Cobain was murdered also. It’s a trend in plain sight

      • Vic Da Rula says:

        That’s real talk

  5. Allen Scott says:

    One word … Illuminati

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  7. RealityOne says:

    This is straight up bull shit, just speculation. People die and everyone on the planet die. People use drugs and drink and lives fall apart, just like all people except their stories are not played out in the public like a star. Research Jay Z’s hand symbols and you will learn a big secret-that they connect him to a certain deity-the same one all the Christians and Jews pray to as well. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean its “evil,” or the result of “aliens.”
    What star or human being had a perfect life? This is an absurd assumption. Whitney, Biggie, nor Tupac (maybe if he lived longer) where a threat to the “system,” or revolutionaries like Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, Jr. or Che’ where they needed to be murdered as part of some sinister plot.
    They were regular talented people exposed to addictive wealth, adoration, and celebrity status which no one can handle forever, especially when they are young.
    Whitney was a great star but she was experiencing the pain of life like most of us. She wasn’t new to troubles and the focus of some plot. For all we know, she could have just taken a bath or too many drinks or whatever? I like you don’t have enough info to speculate. I wish her daughter and family the best and hope that the money they are going to get from whatever portion of her music she owns, will allow them to find some inner peace. The type that Whitney was searching for.

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Did I say that what I posted was 100% true? NO.. Reading is fundemental my friend because if you truly read my article, I did post this:

      8.The Verdict:
      Let me clear this up. IM NOT claiming that all of this is true but alot of this stuff isn’t adding up the way people want us to accept it. When you break down the facts that her daughter almost drowned the same way(Bathtub ritual), The Catalogue, A greedy CEO who’s losing millions by the year(Clive Davis), Whitney’s words of seeing demons and devils, Bobby Brown’s impact used as a smokescreen, Her autopsy reports, and Whitney’s bizarre last days. You have to really wonder did she really OD or was she a sacrifice to the Industry?

      • Mara says:

        Don’t let others scare you I read what you wrote, this is a scary world we live in, it appauls me. That already rich people want more.Why?? You can’t take it with you when you die but it stil happens right. Even oil companys goverment nobody batts an eye rite. People aren’t dumb. But scared,oh for sure, it is really weird that all these powerful singers are dropping like flys? Right when their trying to make comebacks. It’s really too bad but it’s sad n whoever is doing this won’t feel the reprocusions until they pass over n meet god. That’s when they will truly feel the pain of what he she or it hz done as we on this earth will never know because that person is way too powerful but God will inflict the truth by flashing everything by that person like a skit n then will forever suffer by feeling all the pain that said person caused n will forever suffer in the afterlife. Will not be chosen for rebirth will not be welcome thru Gods Gates on judgment day. So. Hope god saves Bobbi Kristina so she can tell what happend!! All so sad. Please people stop n think that life is more precious than money because life’s too short

    • Mara says:

      Oh please.anyone that can think can see all these stars are dying while trying to make a comeback. This isn’t rocket science & everybody has a right to an opinion. Let’s all hope 1of these stars can make it to tell what happend. But that’s not gonna happen either. The stars need to hire the right people to protect them n to not get caught up in the hype cuz drugs will leave u volnurable when ur that rich. But if u stay sober theirs no way these snakes can get in. So stay sober n take care of yourselves.

  8. Ants says:

    What a woman, there will be none like her and although she made the mistakes she had I believe she was trying so hard to overcome. I cant believe that people would overlook the weight she had piled on in her last days, and since 2009, she was obviously coming away from the drugs, and even if she had relapsed at some point I dont believe it was the day she died. Just dosen’t add up. Her assistant tells her to have a bath moments before she is found dead! Taking a bath with a wig on yet her hair stylist is due at 3.30! mixed stories surrounding who actually found her! conversations with friends on the phone an hour before her death, messages left on a friends answer machine and she sounds fine! family who spoke to her prior said she sounded fine! Pat not answering her calls! plates of food found in her room, now I dont know a thing about cocaine but assuming the last thing on your mind would be food! license goes missing from Whitney’s purse, bag of tablets removed from table then suddenly appears on the same table according to investigative report! all the abrasions, markings, burns! yet water not found running according to a report! Pat also quick to back up the tabloids with fears of Whitney’s drug use one day may cause her death, people around her all very suspicious and Im sorry to say but how do we know the coincidence of Bobbi almost suffering the same fate was not staged! I read a little on the conspiracy theories illuminati and find it very interesting, makes a whole lot of sense something isn’t right here. This poor soul, as she said in an interview it is unfair and bad misconception that famous or rich people live these perfect lives, no one is perfect and all she wanted was a normal life, if anyone pushed her to drugs it was the industry and sadly the demands of her beloved fans. We are all human and make mistakes some are just more fortunate than others to have loved ones who actually care and actually go to great lengths to pull their loved ones out of the dirt, at the end of the day Whitney had no one, no disrespect to her mother I know she tried. Point is, I don’t believe it was an accident at all. RIP the most respected woman I have ever known Whitney

  9. vanessa says:

    i was crying when whitney died

  10. Jennifer jimenez says:

    That don’t make sense why would FBI or corner pronounce it as overdose deaf I believe there’s a lot more to the story! Ppl judge the unexpected the daughter will play a role in this crime I bet top dollar this little girl will come up with a story of stupidity! Whitney Houston was a glorious woman of music n to be judged n left in memory as a drug addict is such a tragedy to FAM n friends ….the truth will come out n I hope evil falls n my childhood legency lives on as a beautiful angel… R.I.P

  11. Jim says:

    Bobbi Kristina Brown daughter of Whitney Houston found unresponsive in bathtub. Too many coincidences eh?

  12. freeingmyself33 says:

    there is Sooo much everyone here and every one in the world Does not know about any of this crazyness I cannot say much the eye is always watching us.and although all of you who are normal everyday regular non famous citizens They know of all of you as well they can pick and choose who they want they can and will walk up to you if you have what they want or need in addition to what they are in need for whether it’s for sacrifice or to add power believe me I know everything and as bad as I myself and all who know and have been involved or near *Them* want to so badly tell the people all of you who don’t know and keep guessing and making all these desperate attempts to put the peices together on what is really going on and why and who is all behind it ” and for the skeptics that don’t believe in the illuminati the secret society of mind control murders how bad it really is and how much they run and own all of this world and what they do and are capable of is beyond what your imagination can even come up with none of us are safe always being watched and instantly targeted when they are spoken off I wish I could tell it all but I cannot trust anyone this is my life I’m risking and my kids and my family’s lives they kill all kids grandparents parents animals if you even betray them or speak of them in any way and disobey the contract or there laws there rules there secret antics you eventually die they use you they make you rich and you literally have to sign your soul to the devil in your own blood you have to sign the contract with they own you that moment you sign in your blood they give u whatever u want instantly taken for not ur rich n famous but then they kill u off eventually and then take back all of the money they gave you and you worked so hard for and the most horrific part is once u sign your name on the dotted line you then HaVE to answer to them at all times for the rest of your life until they decide to kill you off and take everything back in the long run u only have a temporary but of fame fortune living the life it all comes with a short life and he’ll to pay within a few weeks to months time they are already using u for what they need in return the whole point of using us for fame is that they use us victims to do there dirty work that’s how it runs the world there’s millions of ppl involved they dint wanna lose there fame or get killed so they do whatever they say n that’s why u see all these famous ppl changing instantly when involved with them they own u for life no getting out in return for ur soul n slavery to them they provide u with instant fame any money u want they give u wich they always get back eventually and they provide u u with anything n everything u want unlimited drugs wich is why most go to that drug n alcholic life they wanna ruin u slowly they make u do sick things once I sign the mandtatory initiation process is this they first right away in order to get in all men and woman and children HAVE to be fucked in the ass by a man all men n woman n kids teens whatever once In they bring u to a huge mansion with hundreds of diff rooms it’s like he’ll itself all evil is there u go in the house n ull pass all diff rooms with no doors every room has diff sick shit going on n u must do whatever they tell u too walked into one room and saw sean diddy combs having an orgy with all stars all were known rappers men n woman having anal sex with diff men n woman yes all of the rappers actors whoever are in the illuminati and they all have sex with men as well and some rooms had them smoking crack shooting up another floors of rooms was used for sacrificing children yes kids little.kids babys and toddlers after the anal sex u then have to do a list of other sick rituals and initiations it’s diff for some but everyone has to do drugs then do anal sex and have orgys together once u sign u cannot say no and walk out of it n forget it happened they sell u a good story a good life give u some cash and tell u to think about it then they make u sign n then they hit u with well for ever we all own u u now have to do this this n this and if u ever want out we will find u n kill u and ruin ur career name n yes they will go after your family your kids your man or girlfriend they don’t come to u rightt away when u start bein famous they wait they only come to u n call u to join once ur making three digits or more bellow that unless u have a quality they want they won’t come to u yet once they approach u n take u in there all black suv n offer u the life of a god ur fucked once they ask u to join there society and become power full n rich n famous n get whatever u want with the snap of a finger u cannot say no they don’t give u a choice believe me no one gets a choice whoever chooses not to join in with them gets killed or is cut off from show Bizz forever and will not at all ever be fmsous again or have a chnsce they work with n own all record labels banks companys president fast food places schools all tv broadcasters r ran by them”.so if u deny there offer u r over for good they kill u or a loved one n they contact all n make. sure u never get in again NO matter how wonderful it talent is it’s very upsetting n disspointing to learn how crooked n fake all this world is I was shocked myself ! I never knew about this shit till it happened to me it’s sick every thing u see n ever had known is fake all singers ALL.are involved they became manipulated and evil they don’t care about u or anyone anymore they worship the devil and they kill they get away with it cops judges no one can it will ever touch them ever ! Its horrible they make every one sacrifice someone that’s why all old school n real talented musicians r now dead n a lot more recently anyone who is slacking off or not making much anymore or is giving any hints about them they kill but they have the people who they made stars do it with one order theyll tell whoever to kill this person n they must do it they have many times with a snap of afinger told them today u must sacrifice your daughter your baby your husband your mom your son all just sacrifice a child at some point and slot of.times your own it’s terrible n they have to do it noone can he’ll nowhere to hide they grow off of sacrifice and they make so much money off of stars they created deaths the crazy part u all don’t know is they really do brainwash they do alot of chanting n they have actua. Powers they teach them how to levitate move things they have power over all minds and that’s why beyonce has changed she’s so evil now rihanna miley cyrus believe me all deaths r by them and the stars kill them to take there place n get respect from there society and not die but eventually all of them die they use them for there work to grow bigger get richer n hurt the poor they control all the school systems there goals are to make school harder and weed out the smart n the stupid the rich n the poor they know most k ids will fail now that they made low grades much harder they want to kill off half of the world’s population that’s the new world orders plan to kill off all poor all not smart enough and the disabled they only want the powerful and talented and ones who can make them money no one to slow them down or take any of there money its not a free world no more they are taking over I’m in the process of buying my way out paying them back all of what I ever made and saying goodbye to my career or they’ll get me too and I’m not safe to tell no one online they trace ip adresses they know what I’m doing at all times the eye always watches all involved and sworn in by blood are imbodied with a micro chip inside the skin and bones of us all forever a prisoner beverage to hide our or get away im really in danger but I’m in process of paying them off trying to walk away will lose my fame and fortune but I don’t care I had my time I want out and my family safe some people have let there careers go and have to pay every million back that u ever earned or made and that they ever gave u or that they ever provided u with .all my cars houses fancy clothes cards every thing I will start from.scratch as a nobody no money no home no car no I’d nothing I will also have to watch my back for the rest of my life and can never ever speak of this or them never ever release another song not a YouTube video for run the deal is for ever to stay out if spot life papers and never ‘ve seen by them again it’s so much more to it but for ever ppl will not be them selves they created devils they will do.anything for them and they don’t even.know what there doing they r embodied with evil soul they also eat human flesh McDonald’s is ran by illuminati as well they have had cases where some McDonald’s were serving the human flesh of sacrificed children in the burger meat disgusting n evil n sick n no one can stop them u don’t know half of this world it’s all a lie all food is garbadge they get rich on killing us all now they r putting cancer enhancing products in all food drinks diseases human flesh animals of all kinds to kill off the population n get rich off not spending any money its a sick world n u dont even know what your own life n world is really about n how bad it is and how much danger ur all in its sad this is gods world no one else’s to co trip n kill his children they will pay when the Lord himself comes down

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