DJ Muggs Vs Sick Jacken Review

DJ Muggs’s contribution to hip hop has always been overlooked. Not only were he along with B Real and Sen Dog responsible for opening up the door for Latino’s in hip hop in the 90s as Cypress Hill but his work behind the boards is quite legendary as well. Muggs has laid down tracks with the best of them for his Soul Assassin compilations so he decided to take his creativity to the next level by doing whole albums with the DJ Muggs Vs_________ Concept.

His First album with GZA was amazing! It was probably one of the best album GZA has dropped in years around that time and Muggs proved that he deserved to be mentioned among the likes of Dre, Premier, RZA and others.

When Hip Hop was into a frenzy with the Sales battle between 50 Cent and Kanye West on September 11th 2007. I didn’t really catch on to the hype and picked up this album instead. I knew Muggs was gonna bring it production wise but I wasn’t familiar with Sick Jacken, I heard some of his tracks when he was apart of Psycho Realm but still found him to be a solid spitter.

DJ Muggs Vs Sick Jacken is a WAY different album from what I expected. I was expecting an album full of gun busting, gang banging and songs about banging chicks but this is an album that tackles VERY powerful subject manner thats often taboo in today’s market. The Cover Art which showed the Pyramid Eye, Skulls with Spears along with a president in the middle and Neo Nazi’s on the right represents the feel of the album and what you’re looking forward too. Their not aligning themselves with the establishment, Their ATTACKING IT.

Everything from Conspiracy theories, the New World Order agend, The Hidden hand, Hypocrocrisy among religion and politics. Sick basically turned a 380 and went the conscious route for the album and it turns out pretty dope!

Whats really crazy about Jacken’s album is that everything that he’s talking about here in 2007 is coming to pass today. The album’s dark and gloomy feel meshes perfectly with Jacken’s words of warning of the worst to come. Especially on the very eerie God’s Banker where he’s exposing the corrupt Banking system of the Country

You’re not gonna any club bangers, songs about sex drugs, and violence here. Jacken went out of his comfort zone and started addressing worldly issues throughout this album without sounding too corny or far-fetched which where many have failed in the past. Jacken proved to be a serious emcee on this album and proved that he can diverse his subject manner. This album is full of good knowledge and spreads the awareness of whats really going on with the world. Something doesn’t feel right and the truth has been hidden and Jacken along with Muggs scratched the surface. Definitely worth buying!

Vic Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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