Xzibit Restless Review

When Xzibit made a suprise apperance on Snoop’s Bitch Please track in 1999, This opened up doors for Xzibit’s career. He would affilate himself with the key hitmakers Snoop and Dre at the time. Doing guest apperances on their albums or their artists steady developing a new buzz.

2000 was the year of not only where DMX reached his peak but another X from the west coast was buzzing steadily all ove r the rap game and that was Xzibit. With 2 underground classics under his belt, Xzibit was ready to take over the mainstream. He started appearing on EVERYBODY’s record similar to what Lil Wayne was doing in 2007. After appearing on everyone’s records from Talib Kweli to Limp Bizkit thus building up his hype surrounding this album and with heavy hitting producers like Battle Cat, DJ Quik Dr Dre, Rocwider and even Eric Sermon helping X behind the Boards, Many thought Xzibit would finally get the respect he deserves and drop a classic album.

What people may find disappointing is that t This isn’t the raw Xzibit we heard on Chamber Muzik, What U see is What U Get and LA Times, He seemed to have watered down his Underground approach to a more West Coast Gangsta Style. While This album is where near as good as 40 Dayz and 40 Nightz, It’s still an all out banger nevertheless.

X may have watered down his style a tad for the mainstream public according to Hip Hop elites but he still brings heat only to more pounding beats on tracks like Front 2 Back, Best Of Things, Get Your Walk on(Which is a Crip Walk anthem) and the albums hype first single produced by Dre titled X which is a perfect catchy track to introduce Xzibit to the mainstream.

Erick Sermon hooks X up with his tightest beat in a while on the album’s best track Lyrically Alkaholik as Tash continues to deliver standout performances as he outshines E-Dub, X and Phil Da Agony. It’s a shame that Tash never got his proper due as talented as he was. Xzibit and Rap’s #1 bad guy at the time Eminem retaliate to all shit talkers on the Eminem Produced Dont Approach Me. Eminem outshines X on this cut as he spits venom at all of his critics and speak on issues that were heavily affected his life at the time.

Xzibit also dedicates a track to his son on the very laid back DJ Quik Produced Sorry I’m Away So Much where X is apologizing to his son for being away so much due to his Rap career. Quik Lays down a pretty mellow beat which is another one of my favorite tracks from Restless is the Battlecat produced Been a Long Time featuring the late Nate Dogg blessing the track with a smooth but addictive hook.

Best of Things

While there are a lot of strong songs on here, There are also some mediocre and disappointing ones as well, Fucking You Right is the worst track of the album as the track comes across as a mess production wise and doesn’t bang like Pussy Pop did on his last album. The most D\dissapointing track of the album has to be the KRS One featured Kenny Parker show 2001, When I heard that KRS was gonna be featured on the track, I thought that this was gonna turned out to be a straight heater. But instead KRS Doesnt even rhyme here, He introduces X and X comes off pretty average for his caliber in this remake of the KRS joint. Songs such as DNA featuring Snoop Dogg, and Rimz and Tirez are just plain average in comparison to the rest of the strong cuts here as well even though they aren’t really bad songs.

People may be disappointed that X got gangsta throughout this album and the Dr Dre influence is heavily felt here. He still brings heat on this album and was the perfect way to close the year of 2000.

Vic Rating:8.5 outta 10

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