Action Bronson Blue Chips Review

Stereotyping can be a bitch sometimes. When I first got a glance at ActioN Bronson, My first thought was who’s this redneck bald goofy looking dude? Then he gonna come through with a Rick Ross beard? Aww man this dude is gonna be garbage! But after I heard him for the first time on the Wu Tang Clan’s meteor Hammer track, I didn’t even reconize him at first because He sounded so much like Ghostface.

But then I started hearing more cuts from this guy. Songs such as Brunch and Shiriz were both pretty nice. But when I heard the track Savage from Sarasota paying homage to the great late Randy Savage, This guy sold me and I became a fan:

Action Bronson dropped his Blue Chips mixtape and anybody that fell in love with NY hip hop in the 90s would definitely love Blue Chips why? Because of not only Bronson’s originality content wise despite a identical flow to Ghostface but the fact that you can tell that he’s being himself and not trying to please the fickle masses.

Bronson is spitting nothing but fire throughout this whole mixtape. One of the Vic Favorites is the first street single titled Hookers on Point where he’s rapping from a pimps prospective on hoes in the prositution ring. The Wu Tang style production is head-nodding:

Bronson is an avid wrestling fan and he’s done songs paying homage to wrestlers and used some as song titles. The latest is Hall of Famer Ron Simmons. He not only pays homage to the first black champion but he uses Simmons’ voice samples throughout the track. This is a great way to reintroduce Simmons’ into the new generation of fans:

Bronson obviously studied Ghostface Killah’s blueprint found time to kick that fly shit to the ladies on Thug Story 2012. It doesn’t come across as too far fetch or corny either. The beat change during the middle of this track has blatant Wu Tang influence as well:

Theres hardly any guest appearances on here(As if he needed) but other NY underdogs Roc Marciano and Mayhem Lauren make standout apperances on Pouces of Tuna and Expensive Pens. The only track I didn’t really care for was Art & Leasure which featured some of Bronson’s wack homies.

Much like Krit’s mixtape. Critics may complain about Bronson sounding too much like Ghostface but if you really listen to him, He’s a way different emcee from Ghostface. The influence is obviously there but there’s no blatant biting here. Bronson may be NY’s last hope in maintaining its identity so hopefully he can get the push and label deal he need to really make noise in the game.

Vic Rating: 8.5 outta 10

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