DJ Quik The Book of David Review

Despite being proclaimed as one of the greatest producers from the west coast, dropping classic albums and working with many legendary artist, It still seems that Hip Hop hasn’t given DJ Quik his proper due. Many may say it’s that its his affiliation to the Piru or the fact that Quik is really as wild as he say he is on records is part of the reasons why people are afraid of recognizing him for being a true legend. Whatever the case maybe, Quik proves on Book of David that he deserves to have his name in the line of the great beatmakers of hip hop. Having coming off a sub par effort with Kurupt, Quik seemed to have really put his heart, mind, body, and soul into this album and it shows as its possibly his most personal to date.

Ghetto rendezvous is possibly the most vengeful Quik Track I’ve heard next to Dollas and Sense as he doesn’t lash out on a fellow rapper but an ungrateful sister of his and family members who tried to extort him. Fire and Brimstone has Quik experimenting with a very aggressive Sound thats out of his element but it fits Quik’s words of fiery as he lashes out on his critics over the years.

But what makes Book of David such a magnificent album is that Quik went back to his tradmark West Coast funkish sound which he seemed to have abandoned for the scrapped album with AMG and parts of the Kurupt album. Fans of the old DJ Quik albums will definitely the first two singles Love of My Life and Nobody which features a humorous feature from protegé Suga Free whom he squashed beef with.

The biggest surprise of Book of David is the return of R&B crooner Jon B. For those who don’t remember Jon B was doing it before Justin Timberlake and Robin Thick in the 90’s R&B scene and he proved that he didn’t lose a step as he appears on Do It Today, Real Women and Hydromatic where he provides nice soulful vocals to blend nicely with Quik’s smooth grooves.

Although I liked Boogie Till You Conk Out and Flow For Sale which featured Ice Cube and Kurupt respectively. My personal favorite track out of Book of David is So Compton.

Quik along with his commrad KK and D from 2nd II None pay homage to the city that made them. The track is special because its reminisce of the old Quik sound from his classic album that we grown to love from him. You can’t help but to want to throw a cookout or ride through your city with the top down with this blasting.

Even though the tracks featuring Bizzy Bone could have been better and Time Still is a bit too laid back for the mood of the album. DJ Quik came back strong with this album and most importantly kept his West Coast trademark sound to please his audience as well as can possibly reach new ones. Quik isn’t really banging out like he did on Safe and Sound but its all good because he’s strictly on his grown up with his steeze and the albums theme reflects on his newfound mindstate.

Vic’s Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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