Rick Ross Teflon Don Review

It shouldn’t be this way. Had this been the late 80s or the 90s Rick Ross possibly wouldn’t even have a career at this point. After being exposed as a Correctional Officer which contradicts his whole kingpin lifestyle that he been portraying along with mixing it up with the career killer 50 Cent. People thought Rick’s career was gonna be over. It was even exposed that he stolen the name of Rick Ross from a drug king pin who ran the crack epidemic in the late 80s.

With his back truly against the wall, Ross came out swinging and started releasing song after song which led to Deeper Than Rap becoming the album that basically saved his career. Ross would continue his momentum by releasing the very stellar mixtape Albert Anastasia which had club bangers like BMF and MC Hammer.

Ross started getting cosigns from Diddy and his momentum became much bigger for Teflon Don. People knew that Ross was obviously a fraud but he found his niche which was rapping the mafioso style over-nice soul samples and movie score like soundprouction which was done by the Justice League and he became a bigtime player.

Teflon Don is packed with superstar appearances and A list production which carries throughout the whole album. Teflon Don is basically a continuation of where Deeper Than Rap left off only a bit smoother. He still got the street bangers such as I’m Not a Star, MC Hammer, and BMF which were hard knocking club bangers but what really drew me to Teflon Don’s were the album’s smooth track.

The mafioso score feel can be heard on songs such as Maybach Music 3 which featured T.I., Jadakiss and Erikah Badu and Free Mason which is very controversal because of JayZ’s response to his critics of claims of him being apart of the Illuminati and being a devil worshipper. Ross’s verse is questionable to say the least as it seems that he’s embracing the fact that he’s a possible member but its a pretty dope track.

All the Money in the World is possibly my personal favorite track of the album because you get to see Ross get more personal as he explains why All of the Money in the World don’t mean nothing to him if he doesn’t have his friends and family. He even touched on how his father:

I can hear my daddy sayin “lil nigga go get ’em,”

Passed in 99 cancer all in his liver,

Shit different since we last spoke your son a little richer

I’d never rap again if I can tell that I miss him.

Why the fuck I own the world when I can’t share it with him

Bust his ass his whole life, just wanna break bread with him

Tears of Joy is another one of my favorites where we get to see more sides of Rick Ross. It proves that he can also rap and that he really worked on his pen game since his last game, But its Cee Lo Green’s harmonizing hook that vividly shines throughout here. He brings a gospel like feel to this track and you can’t help but to feel it.

Aston Martin Music featuring Christie Michelle and Drake is the perfect track to go cruising on a hot sunny day too. Even the real hip hop’s most hated Drake does a very nice hook on this track as well and his verse on here is pretty dope.

Overall I actually enjoyed Rick Ross’s Teflon Don album for what it was. Ross brought out some heavy hitters for this album and stepped up his pen game to the point where you would forget the fact that he’s possibly one of the phoniest rappers in hip hop.His subject manner is very limited to a degree and the songs with Kanye and Diddy I weren’t really feeling but overall He found his niche within the rap game and somehow found a way to convert his critics by the quality of his music

Vic Rating: 8.3 outta 10

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