Message to Women: Never Judge a book by its cover

I know people are thinking What in the hell are you doing covering the dating scene. Well since the hip hop game is dry at the moment, i thought I speak my mind on other topics and being that THIS IS MY PAGE. I have that right to branch out into different topics that I feel need to be addressed. I have close to 200 something entries written along with music, articles, and exclusives so if you want to check those out, You’re still welcomed.

But I want to touch on something thats still going on todays dating world and thats Nice Guys vs Bad Boys or Jerks

It’s still a civil war going on within Good Guys and Bad Boys today even though its been touched on billions of times for the past 15-20 years. I’m not gonna go into some all out emotional rant about my experiences in its entirety or experiences of people who are struggling to maintain in the dating world but I’m going break it down via examples of whats going on in the world.


What really made me want to do this topic is the fact that I’m tired of all of these women giving all of these cornball wanna be thugs and bad boys so much praise when they really are only portraying a false image for impression while anybody thats nice or respectful is looked upon as soft or weak.

I’m gonna break down one of the reasons why you I’m judge a person or a book by its cover without taking a glimpse of the introduction using professonal wrestlers as examples
Take this man for example:

The average Woman would probably snub Mick Foley or wouldn’t even glance at him just because he doesn’t have that certain look. Foley dresses like a bum the majority of the time, He has half an ear, He’s lost alot of teeth, He’s a Number one best-selling author and presents himself as a very intelligent guy which many people would think is too boring or in other words “isn’t very exciting”. Theres people who may think he’s a pushover because he doesn’t carry out that arrogant snotty persona.
But what many people don’t know is that Mick Foley is one of the most sadistic, craziest, and toughest lunatics to have ever step into the wrestling ring. This motherfucker has been thrown into fire, thrown off cages, blown up in wrestling matches, wrapped in barbed wired and has takened some of the most savage beatings I’ve ever seen any human being take. The average I’ve Bad Boy would cry like a bitch if they had to endure some of the shit Foley has endured:

Then you have these guys here who were at the time the “Bad Boys of Wrestling”

Both HBK and Triple H represented the epitome of what an asshole” or a “jerk” was supposed to be. They were rude, obnoxious, disrespectful to authority, disrespectful to people, and were very immature. But yet these type of guys would most likely pull alot of women just based off that image and attitude.(Which is what alot of nice guys lack)
However the flip side of this is usually the case for these type of guys. It’s that that both of these guys aren’t really that tough at all and there’s stories about how soft these two are and how many times they’ve gotten their asses kicked on the regular(Shawn Michaels in Syracuse, By Bret Hart) . They couldn’t live through the things that Foley been through but yet these type of guys based off their attitude and image are most likely gonna catch a womans eye vs a guy thats dresses like Mick Foley despite the fact that he’s one of the toughest people in the world.

So the moral of the story to the ladies is you can’t put a label on Nice Guys for being overall wimps and suckers. I know some “nice guys” that would shoot or whoop a persons ass quicker than a “bad boy” would.

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