Saigon: The Savior for Street Hop?

Those who know me will tell you that I’ve been a fan of Saigon since 2004. When I first heard dude’s records, I was thinking he was another one of these NY street rappers with all flash and no substance. But soon as I bought Warning Shots, It donned on me that this dude could be a SERIOUS problem for hip hop and one of the rappers that can actually balance street dialogue with consciousness.

Saigon’s has touched on many issues that seems to be taboo in todays hip hop market. From the wars in Iraq, Teen pregnancies, poverty, Crooked Preachers, sellout rappers, Police brutality, the need for gang unity(Color Purple) and knew how to not make it sound too far-fetched or corny. He knows how to put out grown man music without bragging about it.

What may have gotten Saigon either blackballed or a serious gamble for the majors to deal with is his MOUTH. Saigon is possibly one of the most outspoken rappers in the game now, What makes Saigon stand from above the bunch is that he wasn’t afraid of calling out these rappers BY NAME. Whereas many rappers today would play dumb or politically correct to avoid backlash, Saigon speaks from his mind and his heart without a care in the world. Sometimes it came back to haunt him but in most cases it showed that the rap game hasn’t gone completely soft and that there are a few rappers that aren’t afraid of backlash or expression their true feelings.

Classic interview of Saigon calling out Eminem, Flava Flav and 50

Saigon could have possibly been a star in the rap game when NY hip hop was dominating the airwaves with the G-Unit movement but constant delays, pushbacks, battles with other rappers and fights with Mobb Deep further distracted Sai from really delivering his debut album Greatest Story Ever Told. Saigon kept busy and putting out great music but fans for years were yearning for his album.

Finally last year The Greatest Story ever Told was released. It didn’t contain any serious pop songs, dance music, or feature a Ne-YO hook to sell. The Greatest Story album was a perfect introduction to Saigon within the rap game and he showed that he is not only showcases tremendous aptitude but he’s also a intelligent emcee as well and not afraid to address the harsh reality thats lacking in today’s game.

The album didn’t do blockbuster numbers but it was one of the best albums to have been released in 2010. Saigon kept true to the gritty New York Sound and was able to make an album any fan from any region could enjoy. It was Saigon’s life been put out there and you can tell as a listener that he put his heart and soul behind it.

I Want it All

Saigon along with Sean Price, Action Bronson, Skyzoo, Roc Marciano, Joe Budden and a few others are the few thats staying true to making the street boom bap East Coast sound whereas many of their peers(Fat Joe, Fabolous, Maino,ASAP Rocky) are trying their hardest to appeal to the dirty. These guys are still in the game releasing music and making solid money indepenently.

Saigon with the release of his latest mixtape Warning Shots 3 showed that he’s in the game to stay and not allowing the politics to run him out. Its time for people to get behind this guy because he’s one of the few real dudes thats left in the game.

Saigon Hungry

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