Common Vs Drake? Its Going DOWN!

Incase you haven’t heard. Hip Hop battling maybe full circle once again. While I feel that its never gonna capture excitment that it did years ago with JayZ/Nas, D-Block/GUnit 50 vs Ja, or Snoop Vs Death Row. Hopefully Common and Drake going at each other can bring back this lost form because the rap game today is so politically correct its disgusting.

Im SICK of corny twitter beefs, Im SICK of Worldstarhiphop videos of rappers talking shit in the hood and doing nothing, Im SICK of rappers talking greasy on record about another artist and apologizing a week later saying “It’s gotten takened out of context”. These cats need to put up or really duel on the mic!

How it started

Common stired up some controversy late November when he released the Street single for his album titled Sweet. Taking aim at soft rappers in the game and rappers who are singing.

It seemed that Common had alot of fiery in this track. He must have heard the critics panned mediocre albums such as Finding Forever and Universal Mind Control. Perhaps he turned on Hot 97 and heard 80% of this trash getting airplay and wanted to lash out. Common felt his back against the wall and started swinging on this cut. Many have said that it was a shot at Drake

Drake’s transformation
Throughout the past few months Drake has seemed to have gotten a chip on his shoulder. He seemed at this point despite the platinum debut album and newfound fame that he has a point to prove and been talking really reckless for the past year.

Drake threatening tattoo artist

Drake snubbing Future

He threw shots at JayZ and Kanye saying that he was coming for the throne, He talked about coming to Miami despite threats from Luke demanding Young Money to live the city, His Complex magazine interview dissing “real hip hop heads” and directly calling Common out:

The Shots fired

After Common confirmed Sweet was about Drake, Drake wasted no time firing shots at what was said to be directed at Common on Stay Scheming. It may have been one of Drake’s best verses ever:

It bothers me when the Gods get to acting like the broads
Guess every team doesn’t come complete with niggas like ours
Thats why I see no need to compete with niggas like y’all
I just ask them when you see me you speak up nigga thats all
Don’t be ducking like you never wanted nothing
Its feeling like rap changed, there was a time it was rugged
Back when if a nigga reached it was for the weapon
Nowadays niggas reach just to sell they record
Spaghetti bolognese in Appolo lounge
Me and my G from DC thats how I roll around
Might look light, but we heavy though
You think Drake will pull some shit like that you never know

Common had responded days later with a harsher diss and most importantly saying Drake’s by NAME(Which is rare nowadays. Common took it to the next level disrespecting Drake’s parents, his credibility, and his soft style:

The question is now is will Drake respond? If so how? Common’s track record against battling speak for itself. Considering this was the same dude that took on the Westside Connection for dolo. Drake better think long and hard on how he wants to go at this situation because Common is lethal when it comes to the battle raps.

I’ll stay posted on this battle as it progresses because whatever the outcome is, It’s sure to bring the best out of both.

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