Young Jeezy Thug Motivation 103 Review

First of all let me say to all of my supporters HAPPY BELATED HOLIDAYS and thank you for taking the time and energy to read alot of what I have to say and what I’ve posted. I reached 200 post and I’m aiming for 400 by the end of the year so be on lookout.

Its been an up and down two years for Young Jeezy. His producer caught a serious murder case, His label been constantly pushing his album back despite the fact that the song Lose my Mind with Plies was a certified club banger and was nominated for a Grammy. He also got into a subliminal war or words with Rick Ross and it seemed for a bit that Ross was getting the best of Jeezy on the musical level according to fans.

Instead of throwing more fuel in the fire, Jeezy just kept on working. He fed the streets with mixtapes such as 1,000 Grams, The Last laugh, Trap or Die 2, and the Real is Back and a 2 to further water the appetite of his 4th album Thug Motivation 103.

The question is does Jeezy’s latest album live up to the hype? Can he match the success of the recession and albums prior to that? The answer is yes. It’s not as hard as The Real is Back or 1,000 Grams but Jeezy put out an album thats satisfiable for his core and may help him gain more.

The Intro titled Waiting is the perfect Introduction to set the theme of the album. Alot of people said this is possibly his worst introduction to an album but I disagree. He’s letting people know that he’s still in the game and taking on people who throwing dirt on his name.

What made Jeezy a star in the rap game is not only his signature adlibs with his real street lingo but also his ear for beats and his ability to craft “street bangers” Jeezy got plenty of those with songs such as What I Do, Nothin, 38(which features a killer vers from Freddie Gibbs) and Trapped where he tackles on the constant on going issues of someone who achieved new-found fame and success. Jill Scott’s spoken word opening fits the song perfectly

Many of Jeezy’s long time followers will possibly notice that theres more features and more songs aimed for the mainstream on this album but they don’t bring the value of the album and Jeezy doesn’t sell out. He along with some some extra animosity and call out player haters on F.A.M.E and Trick Daddy whom havent been heard from in years makes a surprise appearance on This ones for You where he’s dissing skinny jean wearing rappers and Industry rappers.

My personal favorite track on the album is possibly the album’s next single I do which is not only a nice remake of the Lenny Williams classic but it also shows Jeezy holding his own against legendary wordsmiths JayZ and Andre 3000. It also shows Jeezy isn’t too one dimensional as he show he can spit to the ladies without sounding too corny.

Another suprise for Thug Motivation 103 is Higher Learner which features Snoop Dogg going back to his old style along with a nice hook from the very underrated Devin the Dude. Snoop been disappointing for the past two years and he shows that he can come correct when he’s not too lazy. The track OJ which features East Coast premier spitters Jadakiss and Fabolous is pretty solid but could have been harder. The beat sounds a bit strange but Jeezy gets points just for trying to be clever with the hook.

There are some filler on this album that I can do without. I can definitely go without All We Do, Super Freak, and Everything. Those tracks could have been easily replaced by some of the harder tracks from his mixtapes but nevertheless the Snowman came through with a banger album thats worth the wait and will sure satisfy his fans as well gain new ones.

Jeezy’s subject manner may be limited but speaking on the government and rapping about the illuminati isn’t his lane. He’ll speak on real hood issues in flashes but thats his appeal and thats a possible void that he can fulfill considering theres a lack there of in today’s rap game

Vic Rating: 8.4 outta 10

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