Kendrick Lamar Section 80 Review

Ive always been leery behind internet hyped rappers. Especially when you have had cats such as Lil B, Soulja Boy, Kreyshawn and many others low caliber like jokester building their careers off the net. When I seen 80-90 page discussions of Kendrick Lamar, I wanted to find out for myself first and foremost what the hype behind this kid was as soon as it died down.

I heard a couple of Kendrick’s tracks such as Look out for Detox,Cut You Off, and a few freestyles and he didn’t really take my breath away as someone who could really set it off in the game. He sounded like many of these average artists coming up so I stopped checking for a while.

When I heard his appearance on Game’s Angels in the City track, He caught me off guard by not murdering Game on his own track but someone who was spitting some SERIOUS fire!

Around that time period He had dropped Hi Power off his Section 80 album and thats where he made me a believer because this kid was actually spitting some serious science and its impressive considering kids his age are focusing on fucking hoes, hitting the club, and having fun. Kendrick takes the listener to school on this track:

Hi Power is the breath of fresh air that the rap game needed. He didn’t sound too preachy or the message sounded forced. It sound like he had went to the school of hip hop and studied the work of Cube, Pac, Chuck D, and KRS so he could learn how to convey his message.

Section 80 as a whole lives up to the hype and may be one if not one of the best albums to have dropped this year. While Kendrick may be a West Coast MC. The album itself doesn’t take the typical approach of G funk, It instead maintains a smooth laid back vibe with Kendrick speaking on everything from drugs polluting the hood, poverty, black on black violence, and you can tell he’s put his mind-body and soul into this album and that he’s vouched to speak on these type of topics on record.

Songs such as Tammy’s Song is one of my favorites where he’s talking about a girl who’s suffering from abuse:

The song content is a clear inspiration from one of his rap idols Tupac Shakur and tells a vivid but graphic story of a woman gone bad due to abuse from the males in her life. My other favorite is Rigamotris where he’s letting the game know he’s willing to murder wack emcees:

The album’s whole laid back and smooth vibe may throw alot of people who want G funk and gangsta style music but Kendrick’s style is so unique, original, and relatable that he could relate to the average consumer depending on what they want to hear. If you want to hear him dropping knowledge appealing to people who want to hear something with substance, Check out Ronald Regan, and Hii Power. If you want to hear something with a deep introspective message check out Kush and Corinthians, Tammy’s Song, and Poe Man’s Dreams(Which is also another one of the Vic favorites)

Poe Man Dreams

Theres a shift going on into hip hop. With many cookie cutter rappers fading out, The art of emceeing is coming back in the forefront with Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, Big Krit, J Cole, Wale, and others leading the way. Kendrick isn’t on Tupac, Cube levels just yet but if he keeps dropping material like this. He’ll definitely be there in a short time.

Vic’s Rating: 9.0 Outta 10

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